The One Who Knows All

One Girl, a fan of Star Wars is transported in to the world. Once only thinking that it wasn't real, hoping that it was real.

When Ciara Mitchell is transported into the universe of Star Wars. In 20 B.Y she knows what is to come of the Jedi Order. Struggling between the language barrier of English and Galatic Basic. Obi-Wan Kenobi helps Ciara, who soon becomes his Padawan.

(Set in two Points Of Views)

*I do not own anything of Star Wars all rights belong to Lucasfilm and Disney, all of the speech in here belonging to the Clone Wars I do not own*


4. Chapter Three

Obi-Wan looked at Ciara, she was different from Anakin. She was eager to learn where as Anakin wanted to get out there without learning. Obi-Wan sat down next to Ciara. She didn't always want a protocol droid translating for her. Which he could understand. None of the Jedi had been to Earth before. She knew the future but if it was true. Ciara started to say something again which Threepio translated.

"She asked if you knew anyone called George Lucas?"

"No I can't say I heard that name before" he replied

Obi-Wan saw Ciara type something up on her strange device which she called an iPad. A photo popped up of the man she called George Lucas. The man was called George but he was the temple's seer, the man who left when Obi-Wan was only two.

"So he is still alive" Obi-Wan remarked "Do you want to start the lessons now?"

Ciara looked at Threepio to translate for her which he did. Her reply came back quickly.

"She says she can't wait to learn, and she'll try not ramble on about anything else" 

"Well let's start then"

Threepio began to translate for Ciara but she stopped him. Obi-Wan was impressed she couldn't understand a word they were saying and it looked like she wanted to figure it out for herself. 

A few hours later Ciara had began to grasp the basics. Obi-Wan was impressed she was a fast learner. He had seen her use the Force on her object which she called an iPad. Maybe he could take her on as his Padawan Learner. 

"Hello" Ciara said in Basic, one of the few words she had learned. Ciara looked up as someone entered the room. Anakin, Obi-Wan looked at the girl who somehow recognised Anakin without seeing him before. 

"Master, Can I have Threepio back Pamdé needs him for a meeting" Anakin asked

"You may need to ask her" Obi-Wan gestured to Ciara "She is the one who needs him"

Ciara looked at Threepio who translated both questions for her, she replied in her language which she called English. 

"She asked How long?" Threepio repeated

"A few hours at maximum" Anakin replied 

"Anakin, What sort of meeting?" Obi-Wan questioned "She doesn't understand any word we are saying except 'Hello' and 'Goodbye', she has learned others but those are her best ones"

"She is meeting with Bail Organa and she needs a protocol droid"


Ciara said something in English, she looked as she was getting annoyed with Anakin being here

"I don't think she likes you Anakin with the way she is looking at you" Obi-Wan chuckled 

"Apparently she does not like being interrupted while learning she had to much of it last year on Earth" Threepio said "But if it will make you leave, I can go with you" 

"I'll leave but does the Council know the girl is here?"

"Yes, I contacted them when I found her" 

"Where did you find her and what is her name?"

Obi-Wan was about to answer when Ciara answered with the limited language she knew "My name is Ciara and I was found on Tatooine" He noticed Ciara was getting rather annoyed

"Anakin I think you should leave"

"Yes Master, and nice to meet you Ciara" Anakin said 

Threepio had already left. Obi-Wan saw Ciara couldn't understand a word Anakin was saying apart from her own name.


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