The One Who Knows All

One Girl, a fan of Star Wars is transported in to the world. Once only thinking that it wasn't real, hoping that it was real.

When Ciara Mitchell is transported into the universe of Star Wars. In 20 B.Y she knows what is to come of the Jedi Order. Struggling between the language barrier of English and Galatic Basic. Obi-Wan Kenobi helps Ciara, who soon becomes his Padawan.

(Set in two Points Of Views)

*I do not own anything of Star Wars all rights belong to Lucasfilm and Disney, all of the speech in here belonging to the Clone Wars I do not own*


2. Chapter One

A raging Lightsaber battle was occurring between the notorious Genral Grevious of the Grand Separatist Army and Genral Obi-Wan Kenobi, of the Jedi Order and The Republican Army. Their Lightsabers clashed once again, as they had fought many times before. This time they were fighting on the outer rim planet of Tatooine. The twin Suns of Tatooine were setting. Then a blinding white light flashed over a the planet engulfing it in light. Obi-Wan Kenobi shielded his eyes as the light subsided he blinked. Grevious had gone escaped once again. Obi-Wan studied his surroundings, he noticed a young girl lying on the ground. He jogged over to her and knelt down. She was murmuring something in a strange language. 

Where was Threepio when you needed him. Obi-Wan looked at the clones fighting the droid army whose Genral had left in such a hurry.

"Cody" he called out to the Captain of the squad he was in charge of. A clone in standard Clone armour with yellow streaks marking him of the yellow squad. 

"Yes General Kenobi" the Clone with the name Cody said.

"Can you get a medic over here, we have a young girl who looks like she is lost" 

Truly the girl looked lost. She wore a blue skirt with pleats that now had been messed up. A blue blazer with black stripes and a crest perched over the heart with writing in some strange language. The launguage the girl was probably murmuring. Under the blazer he girl had a light blue button up t-shirt on. The girl also had a bag of some sort and was clutching a paper object that hadn't been seen before. Obi-Wan took the bag from the girl and sifted through her objects. All of them were written in a strange language. A device also fell out her bag. Obi-Wan looked up, Cody and another Clone were running towards them.

"Sir" The other clone saluted to them

"I just found her here like this after the light" Obi-Wan Mentioned

"Sir what light?" Cody asked

"Something of the Force"

The two troopers looked at each other and shrugged. The medic knelt next to the girl and examined her.

"Sir she seems to be in perfect condition, I don't know how she became unconscious"

"We should transport her back to the Jedi Council Hospital, I don't want to risk taking her to the Coruscant hospital "

"Yes Sir, right away Sir" Cody Saluted

"I'm going to contact the Council can you move onto the ship"

"Yes Sir" The two Clones moved to pick up the girl, as Obi-Wan moved towards a more secluded area and contacted the Jedi Concil.

"Master Obi-Wan you have news do you?" Master Yoda

"Yes Master, A disturbance in the Force" Obi-Wan Shouted over the growing wind on the planet

"Felt it I have"

"A white light occurred and we found a young girl unconscious, she doesn't appear to be from around here she was muttering something in a strange language I don't understand"

"Bring her to the Temple you must Obi-Wan" Yoda said

"Yes Master" The transmission ended and Obi-Wan jogged to the waiting transport, waiting to take them to the starships above.








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