The One Who Knows All

One Girl, a fan of Star Wars is transported in to the world. Once only thinking that it wasn't real, hoping that it was real.

When Ciara Mitchell is transported into the universe of Star Wars. In 20 B.Y she knows what is to come of the Jedi Order. Struggling between the language barrier of English and Galatic Basic. Obi-Wan Kenobi helps Ciara, who soon becomes his Padawan.

(Set in two Points Of Views)

*I do not own anything of Star Wars all rights belong to Lucasfilm and Disney, all of the speech in here belonging to the Clone Wars I do not own*


5. Chapter Four

Ciara watched Anakin Skywalker leave her room. It was Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight whom next year would be consumed by the Dark Side and become the man in the metal suit known widely as Darth Vader. She grabbed her iPad and a Pen and Paper from her bag, she Pulled up a picture of the Galatic Basic Alphabet. She scribbled something down. "I don't trust him who is he?" she wrote thinking Obi-Wan would probably be wondering why she was not asking who he is. She handed the pen to Obi-Wan whom she presumed had never used a pen before. She watched as he wrote down something proving her point incorrect. She Carefully translated the words writing them in English on a separate piece of paper. 

"His name is Anakin Skywalker, he was once my Padawan. Why don't you trust him?" was the reply

She scribbled one word down "Future" Obi-Wan wrote something down again. After repeating her process she saw what he had written. "I won't ask about it. It's getting late, get some rest I will return in the morning. Goodnight Ciara"

Ciara wrote down her reply "Goodnight Obi-Wan Kenobi" she watched the Jedi Master read the note, taking the paper with him she watched him leave the room with a smile on his face. 

"Why me?, why did you choose me?" She asked to know one

Pondering on that question she fell into a sleep full of nightmares


She stood in the Jedi Temple, bodies lying around her. Younglings and Masters alike. Each killed by the one person she didn't trust. Killed by the blue lightsaber as the Clones turned on the Republic and the Jedi. She saw a shadowy figure step out of the Council Room. 

"Anakin Skywalker." she said moving back away from him.

"You knew and never told me, you never told anyone" Anakin moved forward lightsaber raised high above his head, an attack position. 

"It had to be that way" Ciara explained "Don't be Darth Vader"

Ciara turned and ran as Anakin launched an attack, she dodged the blow easily but tripped and fell. She saw the lightsaber blade above her and blackness took over


Ciara sat up in bed she wasn't home she was still at the Jedi Temple. 

"It was only a dream, it was only a dream" she told her self she lied back down and turned on her side, repeating those words she fell asleep. 

When she woke again she was alone. Sick and tired of being in bed she sat up and slid her legs over the edge, standing up she walked  towards the window, the other beds were empty. They had obviously decided to give her privacy because she didn't understand anyone or just because she was a girl. Ciara groaned realising she was still in her school uniform. Opening the curtains she looked out at the city planet Corucasnt. She heard the door open and a familiar voice "Hello, Ciara" 

Ciara turned and saw Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"Hello" she replied walking towards a nearby seat ready to learn. She sat down.

Obi-Wan said something she couldn't understand, she shrugged her shoulders and pulled out another piece of paper and gestured for him to write it down which he did.

She repeated the process of translating everything, when she was done she read the message 

"You sure are eager to learn" It said, 

She wrote her reply as well "I always am. Can I have a spare change of Clothes I can't stand being in my school uniform anymore?"

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