Our Story

A series of poems describing a relationship between a young boy and girl. Hope you enjoy :-)


2. Arguing

 Laughing, Cuddling, Eating, Mothering.

Living, Praying, Hoping, Staying.

Kissing, Whispering, Singing, Listening.

Hearing, Feeling, Loving, Freeing.

Dancing, Being, Hugging, Seeing.


Yelling, Hurting, Aching, Fighting.

Longing, Needing, Arguing, Pleading.

Stopping, Slamming, Breaking, Replanning.

Walking, Marching, Storming, Running.

Hating, Crying, Wanting, Betraying.


Realising, Coming, Hugging, Loving.

Praying, Coping, Needing, Hoping.

Explaining, Singing, Dancing, Forgiving.

Wanting, Living, Smiling, Kissing. 

Apologising, Forgiving, A New, Beginning

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