A Truly Weird Christmas


1. A Truly Weird Christmas

Twas the night before christmas and all through the house,

All creatures where stirring even the pet mouse,

You see my family aren't the sort to relax,

Everything must be ready and perfectly intact,

When I'm not noticed I sit of my own,

All is quiet waiting for the unknown,

This Christmas where are usually sat,

Stood a red figure covered in black,

Who was this stranger who had taken my spot,

Any of my family,

They were too busy losing the plot,

Slowly but surely I crept closer to him,

Who was this stranger because he needed a trim,

Own in the room he gave me a wink,

And then grabbed me with out a moment to think,

I awoke from the shock I was gagged and tied to a sleigh,

On top of the roof where the reindeer play,

By now I knew this was no ordinary chap,

It was Saint Nicolas I remember are used to sit on his lap,

He walked to the sleigh with an empty sack,

Was I in for? What did lack?

He untied my gag with no words,

Then "what do you want for Christmas?" I heard,

I stayed silent and still,

My answer was always "Nill",

Desperately I searched for an answer that would please but all I could come up with was my always wish thing,

I whispered to him in Secret of course,

And then he smiled and said "okay" and then paused,

With a click of his finger and a grin on his chin,

I shot down the chimney,

The room was dim,

I can't believe I told St Nick,

But how would he grant my life long wish?,

Well I guess he'll start by saying this...



"Find peace where there is conflict and stay in there,

For conflict doesn't care,

And in peace there is hope for a better world to live,

So come forth be kind listen and give,

Everyone is important at Christmas time to keep everyone in mind, 

So for once please help just listen and try."





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