The Hogwarts Years- Third Year

Last year Alfred Posh was imprisoned at Azkaban Prison.
This year he escaped, but what will that bring to Cat who has now become his worst enemy?




We were in Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson and as usual, I was waiting for Cat. Someone came in and sat next to me when I realised it was Lucy.


'I've saved that seat for Cat.' I said, as Lucy sat down.


'I need to talk to you. It's about Cat.' said Lucy, getting her books out of her bag.


'What about her?'


'I think Isaac's cheating on her.'


Obviously, Luce. Don't you listen to the talk?


'I know.' I said, casually.


'What do you mean, 'you know?' 


'I saw him with that Sasha Layne in fifth year the other day.'


'And you haven't said anything to Cat?'


Someone else walked in, thankfully it wasn't Cat. 'No, I haven't, and I'm not going to. You're not going to, either.' I said, making it final; of course, Lucy had to press on.


'But, we should. We're her friends.' said Lucy.


'Exactly. She'll hate us if we tell her. Besides, this was about two weeks ago. She'll kill me with her ice if she finds out I've kept it from her all this time. Who was he with?' I decided I might as well get the gossip of the all situation.


'Chelsee Pyckle.' said Lucy.


'Chelsee Pyckle!' I asked, loudly. A few people looked over to us. Lucy nodded. 'Why would Isaac Montosso go for something like that.' Lucy shrugged.


Chelsee Pyckle was something nobody wants to look at for long. Even though she was only thirteen, she caked herself in so much orange that it made her look forty. Plus, her friends were Bluddersmith and Peartree.


'I still think we should tell-'


I hit Lucy. 


'What was that for?'


'Hey guys.' said Cat, that was the reason I'd hit Lucy.


'Hey.' I said.


'What's wrong with you?' asked Cat, looking at Lucy who was rubbing her arm where I'd hit her.


'She hit her arm on the table.' I lied.




'You're late again, Salucci.' said Mount, coming over. 'I've heard you've been late to many lessons in this past five weeks.' he said, knowingly.


'Traffic.' said Cat.


Mount raised one eyebrow. 'Traffic? I don't remember any vehicles being in the corridor.' 


'People.' said Cat, looking at him once then looking at the table.


Somebody made a joke about 'people' actually being 'person', most noticeably, Isaac Montosso.


'Quiet!' shouted Mount. He then turned his attention back to Cat. 'Sit down, Salucci. No doubt you've had to stand around for some time with the 'traffic' being so packed.'


Cat said down on the table next to mine and Lucy's. Mount walked to the front, speaking as he did so-


'Today we are going to be learning about Boggarts...'


I turned to Cat. 'That's what happens when your late to Mount's class. Shaun will probably tell you that.'


'Who here can tell me what a Boggart is? Finnigan!' shouted Mount.


Lucy woke up, after almost falling asleep.


'I...I...Um...' Lucy stammered.


'A Boggart is a shape-shifter that takes form of one's worst fears.' Cat huffed.


Mount move his eyes from Lucy to Cat. 'Twenty points from Ravenclaw...and Hufflepuff.' said Mount.


'Why?' I asked.


Mount looked at me. 'I don't think I should explain my actions to you, Miss Polo.'


'Cat answered the question, shouldn't that earn Ravenclaw points. I can see why you'd take them from Hufflepuff, but not Ravenclaw.'


'Thanks, Tilly.' said Lucy, sarcastically. 


'I asked Finnigan the question and Salucci answered it. I didn't ask Salucci so she spoke out of turn resulting in Ravenclaw's point decrease. Finnigan was unable to answer the question after I told the class last week to read about Boggarts, hence why Hufflepuff's points were decreased. Are you happy now, Polo?'


'Maybe the real answer is that fact that you don't like Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.'


'Detention, Miss Polo, for your disobedience.'


'I haven't been disobedient!'


I started to get annoyed now. Me and Mount haven't had the best student-teacher relationship. Some even go far to say that it's worst than the relationship between him and Shaun Montosso, and that's saying something.


'Just shut up, Tilly.' I heard Cat say.


'For only this time, I would listen to Salucci unless you want to earn yourself two detention, on the same day.'



'He's always horrible to me.' I said to Lucy, as we were walking transfiguration. Cat had gone off to meet Isaac at his lesson- as always.


'You do sort of- wind him up, Tilly.' said Lucy.


'He normally starts it.'


'Hey, Til...?' asked Lucy.




'Didn't Cat say she was off to meet Isaac?'


'Yeah. What about it?'


'Well, I think this might be something she doesn't want to see in the process.'


I looked to what Lucy was going on about. Isaac Montosso was there flirting with some little, chavie first year. Lucy looked at me.


'You sure you don't want to tell her?' she asked.


'Cat needs to start opening her ears, then you won't have to tell her.'





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