The Hogwarts Years- Third Year

Last year Alfred Posh was imprisoned at Azkaban Prison.
This year he escaped, but what will that bring to Cat who has now become his worst enemy?




As I sat in the Gryffindor common room, I heard a voice I didn't think I'd hear any time soon, let alone a day after I return to Hogwarts.


'Alright there, little brother.'


I knew I should have expected this. I said this to Finnigan last year.


'They let you back in?' I asked my brother.


'No. I'm just here for a visit.' he said, sarcastically.


Isaac was two years older than me so he had just entered Fifth year. He'd been expelled in his Second year, though his wand had never been snapped. He always took that as a sign he was coming back. Isaac was- like, two years behind on his school work. He did get home-schooled for some time, but in the end, my mum gave up.


'You seen Sasha anywhere?' Isaac asked.


I looked up at him, stunned. 'You realise she was the reason you were expelled.' I said.


Isaac was expelled for getting into a fight with Sasha Layne's brother- Peter when Peter had caught the two of them in a compromising position. Peter had left Hogwarts last year.


'Actually, it was Layne's fault. Anyway, he isn't here anymore which means I can have Sasha all to myself.' 


But will she have you all to herself?



I was walking to my DaDA class, with Isaac who had surprisingly agreed to come with me. 'I just want to see if anyone would still recognise me.'


I lined up next to Meow. 'Where's Jekk?' She asked me.


'Dunno. Haven't seen him since Magical Creatures.'


'I'm gonna go, little brother,' said Isaac. 'I don't even know what lesson I'm in.' as Isaac walked away, I saw him smile at Meow, and saw how her eyes followed him. I jokingly shook my head.


'What?' she asked. The line moved into the classroom and I saw Catarneigh's smile. 


You have no idea, Meow. I thought.




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