The Hogwarts Years- Third Year

Last year Alfred Posh was imprisoned at Azkaban Prison.
This year he escaped, but what will that bring to Cat who has now become his worst enemy?




I was sitting there staring into space in the Gryffindor common room when Meow walked in.


'Does Isaac give you the password or something?' I asked her, as she walked over to me.


'Sometimes. Where is he?' she asked


'I dunno. Haven't seen him all day.' Meow sat down on the chair opposite me. 'He did want me to ask you that with Christmas coming and that if you'd like to come over to our house. It doesn't have to be for Christmas, only like- three days before or something.'


'And Isaac couldn't ask me himself?' 


'He said me to ask you, if he didn't see you.' I said, hesitantly.


I could tell she couldn't decide. 'Come on. You won't be the only girl there, Sarah comes over.' 


'Yeah. Okay.'


I smiled. 'Great. And if Isaac bums you off or something, I'll be there.' I said.


She smiled this time. 'And why would Isaac do that?' she asked, still smiling.


I don't reply, I just say-


'Have you got your letter signed to go to Hogsmead?'


'Yeah. You?'


'Yeah.' We went silent for a bit until Meow said-


'I'm gonna go. Someone's bound to complain that a Ravenclaw's in a Gryffindor common room.' she stood up.


'They won't. Are you watching the tryouts?' I asked, as Meow was about to leave.


'Yeah. For Lucy's sake. She's trying out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Why?' she asked.


'I think they're having all the Houses have their tryouts at the same time, to save time. I'll see you there?'


'Yeah.' she said, nodding.


'Bye, Meow.'


'Three years later and you will call me that?' she asked, jokingly.


'You still meow for attention.' I replied.


'Most people think nicknames are a sign of love, you know?'


I laughed. 'Then that means Tilly Polo loves me since she occasionally calls me 'tosser.'


'I suppose.' She walked out the portrait hole after that.


I sunk down into the chair. Isaac obviously doesn't love you since the only thing I've ever heard him call you his Cat or Catarneigh. 

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