The Hogwarts Years- Third Year

Last year Alfred Posh was imprisoned at Azkaban Prison.
This year he escaped, but what will that bring to Cat who has now become his worst enemy?




I was sitting in Divination. To be honest, I have no idea why I even chose this subject. I feel like I'm going to go insane if Trelawney mentions the 'Sight' one more time. 


'Abraxus told me Isaac was having a party in the Gryffindor common room.' said Leo, as we were doing our 'work'.


'Yeah. He wants me to invite people.'


'Who have you invited?'


'Not many. Hardly anyone wants to come. Except for the Gryffindors, obviously.'


'You invited any girls?'


I looked at him. 'So they can all throw themselves at Isaac?' I asked, shaking my head.


'Salucci wouldn't. Then again, I doubt Salucci would even go to the party.'


'I think even Meow likes him.' I said, sulkingly.


'I think you're jealous.' 


'Of Isaac? You're joking, aren't ya?'


Leo didn't say anymore after that. To be honest, I didn't know what he thought I was jealous about. Every girl liking Isaac, or Meow liking Isaac.


Stop it, Shaun. You're being stupid. Meow's just happy that a boy's finally noticed her...But why did it have to be Isaac?



'You seriously need to lighten up.' said Leo, as we were walking to our next lesson.


'Do you think I should invite Meow?' I asked.


'You're just wasting your breath. She'll say no.'


Will she?


I entered Potions. I made sure I got the table that Meow, Polo and Finnigan sit at. Leo took the usual table with Loki and Eamon. I saw Meow talk in. She looked at me than at Leo.


'Why are we sitting here and not with Leo?' she asked.


Here goes, Shaunie boy.


'Isaac's having a party tonight, in the Gryffindor common room. He asked me to invite people. Wanna come?'


Part of me wanted her to say no, yet the other half wanted her to say yes. I saw her bite a lip- as she always does when she's thinking.


How do you know that?


'I dunno. I'll think of that.'


'Okay.' I said, solemnly. 


'What party's this?' 


Bloody hell!


I turned around to see Natalia Bluddersmith, of all people, looking at me.


'A party that you're not invited too.' I said, turning back around. I wasn't in the mood to deal with Bluddersmith right now.


'Aw, come on! You can't invite Catherine and not us.' 


'I can invite who I want.'


'Actually, you don't get to decide who comes. I heard it's Isaac's party. Surely he's the one who get to decide who comes and who doesn't.' 


'Shut up, Pyckle.'


'Just invite us!' whined Bluddersmith.


'No!' these two were really starting to piss me off- Bluddersmith in particular.


'We're just gonna gate-crash it anyway.' said Bluddersmith, turning back to her cauldron.


'Whatever.' I said.


Well. This day's going just as I planned. I thought, sarcastically. 

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