The Hogwarts Years- Third Year

Last year Alfred Posh was imprisoned at Azkaban Prison.
This year he escaped, but what will that bring to Cat who has now become his worst enemy?




'Uh...Cat? You're doing it again...' I said. I was sitting next to Cat in Defense Against the Dark Arts and snow had been falling on and off for the past half an hour.


'What?' asked Cat, hardly on the same page as me.


'The's happening again.' I pointed out.


Cat looked up. 'Oh, sorry.'


'Cat,' I asked. 'What's wrong? Your snow only falls when you're upset.'


I remembered back to First year when Cat had hit Natalia Bluddersmith with her ice. I went up to her room to find the dorm covered in ice and snow. To this day, the First year dormitory has never gone back to its original temperature.


Cat turned and did something I'd never expected her to do. She grabbed me by the collar of my uniform. I just Tilly give me a worried look.


'Oh my god! I saw him! And he smiled at me! He smiled at me, Lou-Lou!' I had no idea what the hell Cat was going on about. I looked at Tilly to see her looking back at the with a 'what the hell is she on about' face. I shook my head, not having a clue myself.


'Miss Salucci!' I heard Professor Mount, or DA teacher say. 'I would appreciate it if you did not man-handle my students. Even if she is a Hufflepuff.' he added.


Cat- who seemed to again some self-control let go of me. 'Sorry, Professor.'


'Can you tell me what the hell that was all about?' I asked.


'He smiled at me.' said Cat, dreamily. Her head fell onto her hand again, and the snow began to fall...again.



As we were sitting in the Great Hall, Tilly began questioning Cat on what she was going on about in Defense.


'He was walking with Shaun, and as he said bye, he looked at me and smiled. Aaaah. It was the most amazing smile I'd ever seen.' I could tell you now, this was a whole new different Cat. 


I looked across to Tilly. 'What happened to the old Cat?' I asked. The changed-Cat didn't seem to hear.


'She's been replaced by a hormoneous teenager.' said Tilly. 'A name would be nice?' she said to Cat.


'I- there!' Cat pointed towards the door. Both me and Tilly turned around to see a boy- who was around the fifth year age walking towards the Gryffindor table. I looked at Tilly who had the same dreamy-eyed look as Cat. I'd never seen this boy before and that's when I remembered back to mine and Shaun's conversation-


Cat's 'in love' with Shaun Montosso brother.




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