The Hogwarts Years- Third Year

Last year Alfred Posh was imprisoned at Azkaban Prison.
This year he escaped, but what will that bring to Cat who has now become his worst enemy?




I stared at the notice on the board. It was about the Hufflepuff Quidditch trials. They'd came around again. I was going to try out last year, but with the whole Alfred Posh thing that happened, I didn't have a chance. I decided that I'd go find Josh and ask him about.


After searching everywhere for Josh, I finally found him. In the Library.


'I've been looking for you everywhere!' I said. Josh looked up from his book.


'Yeah. I've been in here. What's up?' he asked.


'The Quidditch trials are starting and I was thinking of trying out.' I said, as I sat down opposite Josh.


'I thought you were going to do that ask year.'


'I was, only Alfred Posh happened.'


'Speaking about Alfred Posh, look what I found.' he handed me the newspaper that was by him.


I read it. 'He's in England. I thought he would've came here by now.'


'Maybe he is. I've done some research on Azkaban.' He handed me the book. 'It's in the middle of some north sea.'


I looked at the page Josh was reading. It's in the middle of the sea, how does someone break out? I expressed this thought to Josh.


'Well, there's a boat. I think someone conveniently left it there.' said Josh.


'Cat said something about Posh having 'friends.'' 


'Yeah...Anyway, I think you should try out for Quidditch. You're really good on a broom.' Josh stood up.


'Where are you going?' I asked.


'Get some food. I've been here since the start of lunch.' with that, he left.


I sat there and decided that I was going to try out for Quidditch, when I heard voices.


'I can't Chelsee. You know I'm with Catarneigh Salucci.'




'Oh, come on...since when has that stopped you, Isaac?' I heard Chelsee Pyckle reply.




I moved closer to the bookshelf.


'Look, I really like Cat. I think she could be good for me.'


'She's a weird, ice-making freak who tries to kill people.' Chelsee Pyckle scoffed.


I was tempted to move one or two books to see what Chelsee Pyckle and Isaac Montosso were doing until I heard Isaac's voice.




Then I went quite and I knew exactly what they were doing.



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