The Hogwarts Years- Third Year

Last year Alfred Posh was imprisoned at Azkaban Prison.
This year he escaped, but what will that bring to Cat who has now become his worst enemy?





'He has broken out of Azkaban, Meow. Do you have any idea what that means?'


Me and Shaun were making our way to Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Lucy and Tilly had both chosen something else so, of course, I got stuck with Shaun Montosso.


'He could come after you again. You are the reason he was put back into Azkaban!' Shaun was brandishing The Daily Prophet with a picture of Alfred Posh on the front and a caption that read: Alfred Posh has escaped from Azkaban. Do not approach this man under any circumstances


'He's not going to come after me or my sisters.' I said. Shaun was starting to get on my nerves a bit.


'How do you know? He might try and kill you this year! Meow, what you did last year was stupid, but ignoring it this year is even more stupid!'


'What's more stupid?'


I looked over to see another boy with brown hair come towards us.


Great. This is all I need.


'Meow's ignoring the fact that Posh has escaped Azkaban.'


'Really?' asked Leo Jekk, Shaun's Slytherin best friend.


'Yeah. That's why she's stupid.'


'My mum went crazy at Esme when she found how what happened to Salucci's sister. Told her she wasn't allowed to write any letters, and if she did, I had to check them. Esme can talk to who she wants.'


'My auntie did that to Sarah, as well. Michael just laughed.'


'I'm not ignoring the fact that Posh escaped. I just don't think he's going to come back here.'


'Guys, come on. Class is starting.' said a boy with glasses. I noticed it was Josh. Shaun must have noticed too because the next thing I knew, he ran over to him and jumped onto a fallen tree trunk that Josh was leaning on.


'I know a little rumor about you, Evans.'


'Yeah...?' asked Josh.


'Yeah. That you like Finnigan.'


'Don't be mean, Shaun!' I shouted.


'Who told you that?' I heard Josh ask.


'Don Hill in the year above-'


'Mr Montosso! Perhaps you would like to touch Bernie!' shouted Professor Witherby, the Care of Magical Creatures teacher.


'What?' asked Shaun.


'Perhaps if you weren't so interested in who Josh fancied, you'd know what Witherby was going on about. What she is showing you is a Hippogriff. They may seen wild but once you get their respect, they're actually quite tame. She's asking you to earn it's respect.' I said. 'Kind of like wolves.' I added.


'Thank you, Miss Salucci. I'm happy to know at least one person is interested in today's lesson. Ten points to Ravenclaw. Come on, Montosso.


'You're not gonna be a chicken, are you, Shaun?' joked Leo.


'Shut up.'


I watched as Shaun hesitantly moved to face the Hippogriff.


'Put your hand out, slowly.' said Witherby. Shaun did just that.


The Hippogriff bent its head to show respect. I saw Shaun smile.


'I'll tell Isaac you've found your first bird!' a Gryffindor boy shouted. Everyone laughed.


'I think you can ride him now.' said Witherby.


'No way!' said Shaun.


'Come on, Montosso. It's time to ride your bird!' joked the same Gryffindor who said the first 'bird' joke. People laughed at the little rude innuendo. 


'That's enough!' said Witherby, sternly. Catching onto the little dirty joke. 'Come on, Montosso. I haven't got all day.'


I could see Shaun having a little argument with himself in this head. Finally he made his mind up-




Witherby helped him up onto the Hippogriff. Once Shaun was in the right place, Witherby hit the back of Bernie and the creature flew into the air. Soon Shaun and Bernie were out of sight. As the rest of us had nothing to do but wait, I walked over to Josh.


'So, do you like Lucy?'


Josh, obviously taken by surprise, jumped. 'I dunno...A bit, why?'


'Just asking. How long have you liked her for?' 


'Does it matter?' asked Josh, getting aggravated.


'Lucy is my best friend.'


'Yeah, well...don't tell her.'


'I wasn't going to.'


Minutes later, Shaun came back down and landed with the animal still upright. With help from Witherby, he jumped off and ran to Leo.


'That was amazing. I'm so happy Witherby asked me down.'


'Well, Mr Montosso!' shouted Witherby, after hearing his statement. 'You're gonna wish I never asked you. Next lesson you'll be writing an essay on how it help. A thousand words.'


Shaun looked incredulous.


'Bet you wished you'd listened now.' The lesson had ended and I walked off to meet Lucy and Tilly. 








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