I was in the bath and I started thinking about the future and all that comes with it and what you have to leave behind and then I wrote this. I don't know, read it and make your judgement.


1. The time will come...

The time will come
To switch off the TV 
To turn the music down
To put the books back on the shelf
And to put the consoles away  


The time will come
When characters become characters
And not real people with feelings
When books become books
And not the magical adventures we know   


The time will come
To say goodbye to the fandoms
And to thank those you met
To disband the naval fleet
And put the fiction away  


The time will come
And the fan blogs will fade,
The fan accounts will dissipate,
The fan forums will be neglected
The fan fiction left unfinished  


The time will come
But the dedication and love we have
Shall not fade or end
It shall remain, hidden or in sight 
For a Fangirl's love never ends. 

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