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  • Published: 15 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 15 Dec 2014
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What happened in P.E. one day . . . and why 93% of the world's population suddenly disappeared . . .


4. South America

We were about to advance on Mexico when, out of nowhere, HIM appeared.
Most of the rats trembled in fear, but I walked up to him and shoved Thermal's rotting, bloated, maggot-infested face into his mouth. HIM died on the spot and we stole his claws to aid us on our mission.
Pretty much all of the northern countries were evacuated, so we just killed the stragglers who stayed behind.
Once we reached Argentina, there were so many crowded people that they were packed like penguins and unable to run or defend themselves from our wrath. Thermal's dead, flaky lips peeled back in a smile, because we had finished our quest in less than 48 hours.
That meant we still had time to watch Heroes!
When we were all watching, however, some crazy girl came up to us and demanded that we tell her where her brother was.
"She's dead, silly," I said. She started crying, and her tears were black, so all of our eyes turned black and we fell to the ground. After we all died, Thermal's head turned to the girl (who's name was Maya).
Maya looked at our Thermal flag, smiled, picked it up, and flew across the ocean (because Thermal gave her Peter powers).
"Let's go kill Africa!" Maya shouted into the distance.

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