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  • Published: 15 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 15 Dec 2014
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What happened in P.E. one day . . . and why 93% of the world's population suddenly disappeared . . .


1. School

We were in P.E. again, bored out of our minds sitting in the bleachers.
That's pretty much all we do in P.E. we sit in the bleachers.
Coach Obnoxiousface was playing music. It was terrible music, and my ears were bleeding. I turned to Thermal, smiling,
"I have a grand idea!" I told her as I grabbed her arm and threw her down the steps. I followed her down to see that her neck was broken. Oops.
I simply couldn't carry a dead body around, so I pulled her lifeless head off of her neck and shoved in in my drawstring bag, continuing down the steps.
I confronted Coach Obnoxiousface.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT, LITTLE GIRL?!" he yelled over the hideous screeching. I made a ferret face at him and pulled out Thermal's severed head.
He screamed like a maggot and I threw the head at him, causing him to topple over and die. I retrieved Thermal's brain sack and lifted it triumphantly into the air.
"WE ARE FREE! WE SHALL ESCAPE!" I shouted to the other students. They roared and sprinted down the bleachers, towards the door.


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