With you

Ariella has the worst life she could ever have, but will meeting a certain boy from 5 seconds of summer change that?


4. You okay?

Ariellas P.O.V

It's been a few hours since my break down and we were all going to head home. Calum went to Mackenzie's place to help take care of her. Michael went home with me, and ash and Taylor stayed at the park. Oh and Luke and Ashley also came to our house. Since Ashley was going touring with them, she stayed over.

"You okay?" Mikey asked. What kind of question was that?!

"Yeah, I'm fine" lie, but I don't need them to worry on tour.

"Okay" he replied. Thank you!!! He bought it!!!

After we got home I told Luke that I was going to fix his eye, he just nodded and said okay. I grabbed my makeup and grabbed some concealer and went back down stairs. I sat down next to Luke who was cuddling with Ashley, she shot me a glair but I just rolled my eyes. I turned Luke so he could face me, I fixed his eye and he looked in the mirror.

"Wow! Thanks Ari!!! I look hot!!! Haha thanks, and I will protect you from him no matter what, as long as I can count on you to clean up the mess haha!" Luke whispered the last part. He is so sweet. Oh no....I think I'm in love with Luke Hemmings, at first it was just a crush, but now, I know that I really love him. I am in so much trouble.

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