With you

Ariella has the worst life she could ever have, but will meeting a certain boy from 5 seconds of summer change that?


7. first day at home

Ariellas P.O.V.

It's been a whole day since the boys came home. I missed then so much. We had a little party for me and I didn't want the boys to throw one but, being the boys, they didn't listen. Typical. Me and Luke are dating now and I am now treating my bloody nose because Ashley showed up to graduation and as soon as she found out me and Luke are dating, she hit me....in the face....with a chair.... But I'm okay. Mackenzie hit her back for me. Twice as hard....in the face.....with her fist.

My nose finally stopped bleeding so I took a shower, got into my Luke Hemmings pjs and brushed my teeth. I blow dried and combed out my hair and hopped in bed. Luke came in and payed next to me. He got on top of me and we made out for like 4 hours. When we pulled apart I said

"Lukey, we need to go to bed, we won't be able to get up for our date tomorrow if we don't. It's 1:30AM, please!!!!!" I said as Luke went down and kissed my neck. He shot up and got off me. He later next to me and put his arm around my side. We both fell into a dreamless sleep. Or was it?

As I walked down the isle, Luke waited. I was in a white strapless wedding dress that was open in the back. We said our vows and then said I do and kissed. On our honey moon we did 'it' and I found out, a week later, I was pregnant. We wanted it to be a surprise on what the baby was gunna be, but yes, it was only one. The day I went into labor, we found out the gender. "Congratulations! You two have a healthy baby...."

And I woke up. Hmmm strange dream!

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