With you

Ariella has the worst life she could ever have, but will meeting a certain boy from 5 seconds of summer change that?


1. Cheating

Ariellas P.O.V

Hey, I'm Ariella, I'm 17 years old. I have blonde hair with some light brown highlights here and there. I live in Sidney, Australia. I've got to admit, I've led a really hard life. My dad is abusive and my mom left when I was 2, and by my mom left I mean she passed away. I didn't take it that hard being as I was only 2 years old and I didn't know her that well, but my dad, he took it hard. Ever since it happened, my dad has abused me, he almost hit me when I was 4 but my aunt stopped him. She took me away from him until he could change his ways. When I was 8 my dad got re-married to a nice lady named Caroline. They were happy and I came back to live with them, but then my dad started to abuse me because I look too much like my mom, when Caroline found out, she divorced him. He still says that it's all my fault. I still live with him now but he's never home, and when he is, he's drunk and passed out on the couch. He is still abusive, when he's home and awake, but I get by it, with the help of my boyfriend Alex. He is everything to me, he keeps me strong, but another person who is the best to me is my BFF Andy, she's always been there, we have been best friends since....we were babies, her mom and my mom were friends, I'm not really close with her mom, but we get by. I'm mostly at Andy's but my dad was home today and he was going to be sober and he called me home, he has been taking anger management classes and parenting classes on top of work, it's not really helping but I was going to talk to him today about it to see what's up. I just hope he doesn't slap me for getting on his nerves again, I hardly even know what I do wrong, but I do something. We will just have to see where this takes us now won't we.

I pull up to the driveway in my pink, yes pink, mustang and walk inside. "Daddy! I'm home!"

"Get up here now!" He said. Oh no.

"Okay daddy! I'm coming!" I took off my shoes and walked upstairs to the family room.

"Morning daddy"

"Yep". I can tell he's upset, or just really tired.

"So, how was your classes? Did you learn anything new or did you guys just learn the same things again?" I asked. Don't irritate, don't irritate

"No Ariella, we learned something different today"

"Oh yeah, like what?"

"We learned not to abuse and take our anger out on our children, they gave me a punching bag"

"Oh....do you think it will help"

"Help what?"

"Your anger issues, ever since I can remember, you've had them, I was saving my paycheck to get you a new punching bag and some weights but it looks like they got you one before I got the chance" I really hope I didn't piss him off.

"Oh really? That's very nice of you Ariella, but you see I have no anger issues, the counselors are just stupid and tell you things that aren't true, and I don't need a punching bag, I threw it out, now stop talking, your pissing me off!" Oh no! I pissed him off!!!!

"S-sorry daddy"


And the next thing I knew, a sharp object scratched my arm and I looked down and a bloody knife was in the floor while my arm was...b-bleeding??!! Oh no! I ran to my room crying and wrapped up my arm, he's never used a weapon on me, I-I need to call the cops, but I-I can't. He's my dad, a-and I need him. But he doesn't love me. I've just decided to go out the window and leave a note.


I'm so so sorry I made you mad, I didn't mean it I swear. I love you but it's clear you might not love me. Call me if you need anything.


I went outside my window and called Alex.

*Ring ring, ring ring, beeeeeppppp.....*

His voice message played "You've reached Alex, I can't get to the phone cause I'm probably with my beautiful girlfriend Ari right now, leave me a message!!" I swooned at his voice message, I love him so much. But I left a message anyway

"Hey babe, um I just thought I should stop by, to...see you!!! It's my dad again, I guess I pissed him off and now....well I'll tell you when I get there, it should only take me like 5 minutes, love you, byeeeeeee!!!!" I hung up and got in my car and drove to Alex's house.

When I pulled into his driveway, I saw Andy's car, oh yeah, I forgot! She tutors him for math on Saturdays! Save me the trouble of telling her later. I knocked in the door and Alex's mom opened up, "hi sweetie!!! He's in his room, go on up!" She hugged me and I walked up to Alex's room. I knocked on the door but music was playing so I guess he didn't hear me, oh well. I just opened the door and walked in, and what I saw, terrified me, and also really pissed me off!!!

"A-Alex?! A-Andy??!!" I shouted, and I turned off the music.

"Ari!" They both shouted, guilt filled their eyes

"W-what is this!?" I shouted, I didn't even notice the tears pouring down my cheeks. My best friend, and my boyfriend, were in bed, naked!!! FREAKING DOING IT!!!!!

"Ari, I can explain!!!" Andy shouted

"Babe...i-I'm so sorry!!! I can exp- what's on your arm?! Did your dad do that to you?!!"


"WAIT!!!" They both shouted and fumbled for there clothes as I ran. I ran and I ran and I ran until I couldn't run anymore. I sat down at a bench and cried, and I didn't stop, until I felt someone sit next to me. I looked over and....OH MY GOSH!!!! Luke from 5 seconds of summer was sitting next to me! He pulled me in for a hug and asked "Whats wrong love? Why are you crying?" All I could do was cry into his chest. "L-Luke?! From 5 s-seconds o-of s-summer?!"

"Yeah babe, but what's wrong?"

"M-my dad a-and m-my boyfriend" I stuttered out. I told him the whole story.

"Oh bae, I'm so sorry! You know what, I will be here for you, even though I don't know you, I would love to" and just like that, I stopped crying and he lead me to his place where we would get to know each other, and I would meet the others, I can't believe that I'm getting to meet 5 second of summer! I'm still so upset, but not as much as before, Luke is so cute, maybe moving on will be easier then I thought. Or maybe not, me and Alex DID date for 3 years. I wonder how long this little affair was going on. Today I lost my father, my boyfriend, and my best friend. This is the worst day of my life, and yet, also my best.

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