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Ariella has the worst life she could ever have, but will meeting a certain boy from 5 seconds of summer change that?


9. Breaking Up Tashton

Ariellas P.O.V.

Bad news. Tashton broke up!!!!! It really was Taylor's fault in my opinion....and everyone else's! Taylor left ash to go and date one directions Harry Styles! She is so fake, she never loved ash, she only wanted him for the extra fame, but now that Harry is open, she wants him, typical. Watch out Harry! She's crazy!!! She's got a blank space on her list of ex boyfriends and soon...she's gunna wright your name!!! Hmmmmm....that's a really good line for a song!!! 'Ive got a blank space baby, and I'll wright your name' WOOP WOOP!!! Okay maybe not the WOOP WOOP part but the other line!!! YAS!!! Anyway, to get her off of Ashton's mind, I took him to a club with the rest of the boys, and by rest I mean Mikey and Luke. Mackenzie is still sick so cal is going to stay with her still. They are so cute!!! Oh!!! And another thing, Mikey broke up with Carly cause he found someone who he KNOWS he's in love with. Her name is Andrea. They have been dating for only a few days and he already knows that he is in love with her. He says he thinks it's her eyes and smile that get the best of him. How sweet. Also, Andrea is coming to the club too. She said she needs a drink but I just think she's going to need to keep Mikey from cheating on her. He won't. But she doesn't know that.

We were getting ready for the club. I wore a cocktail dress that was red and some black heels. Andrea wore a black flow dress with some flats, cause she does NOT do heels. The boys went casual. When the limo, yes limo the boys want us to ride there in style, got there, we all pile into the car and drive to the club. When we got there we walked in. Ash went strait to the bar and Andrea and Mikey both went right to the dance floor. Typical Mikey. Me and Luke decided to keep an eye on ash, we weren't going to drink, just dance a little and make out in a booth like teenagers do. We walked over to the bar and glanced over to a girl with what seemed to be blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked about average height and she had FRECKLES!!!!! Don't ask, I have just always wanted freckles. I luv dem!!! Ash was talking to her and they both looked half sober, and half drunk of their asses. Typical Ash. We tried to listen in on their conversation until they both left. The last thing I heard was ash saying why don't we get out of here and go get something to eat or something. One thing you've got it know about ash is that he doesn't 'do it' with a girl unless they are married or dating. So I knew I could trust HIM. I'm not so sure about her. But I don't know her, for all I know she could be really nice. Or not. Well I can tell that by the look of ash's face, he was going to ask her out really soon. If only I knee what her name was. I shall find out soon enough!!! Me and Luke decided to get Mikey and Andrea, being as it's been 3 hours since ash and the girl left, and go home. "Mikey!!!" I shouted through the crowd and he walked over to me and Luke with Andrea. "Yes?" Mikey said, a little tipsy. "We're going home, NOW" I said, but don't worry I wasn't being harsh. "K" Mikey said and we walked out. I called ash to make sure he was okay and he told me that him and Courtney walked back to the house, he said Courtney is the girl he was talking to. So that's her name, I like it. We drove back to the house and ash and Courtney were cuddling on the couch so Luke went to put Mikey to bed in his room and I just took Andrea to my room. She got in bed, FULLY DRUNK and then slowly fell asleep. I walked back downstairs and asked ash, "so, did you ask her out yet?" "Yes" he said. "And um, what did she say?!" I whisper/shouted. "Yes" he said plainly. Wow only 3 hours and ash has a girlfriend. A new one who's not a bitch. Yay!!! Courtney woke up and me and her just talked. Turns out her fav color is purple and she is really funny!!! But she told me something that blew my mind and everyone else's, except ash, because he already knew. Courtney's full name is Courtney HOOD!!! Calum's younger sister!!!! It was a mind blow!!! She's 18, and Calum is like 11 months older. Typical. Anyway! We all were pretty tired so we went to bed. Luke threw a fit when I said he couldn't sleep in my bed with me. NOTHING LIKE THAT!!! But because Andrea was in there. I went up to my room and she was gone. Then I went to Mikey's room and she was cuddling with him. They are so cute! I SHIP MANDREA SO HARD!!!!! I walked back to my room and changed into my tank top and shorts and walked back to Luke's room. As I passed Ashton's, him and Courtney were cuddling! Awe!!!! I went to Luke's room and knocked. "Yes?" He said as I walked in. He was 'reading'. "So Andrea left my room and went to Mikey's, do you still want to sleep in there and keep me company?" I asked. "No, I'm okay" he said. I could tell he REALLY wanted to. "Okay, night" I said and I walked out. I went back to my room and turned out the light. I got under my covers and laid down. 3...2...1...and just like I thought, a strong pair of arms wrapped around me and got under the covers. Luke. "I thought you would never come" I said dramatically. "Oh shush, I knew you were counting" he replied. My Lukeypoo knows me SO well!!!!! I love him so much.

I love him SO much. To the moon and back. 💕

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