Holiday horror

(They boy are not FAMOUS in this story) Emery Lee and her friend Felicity are going on a school trip with her class what happens when they have got to share a caravan with 4 boys and things go crazy?

This story was first posted on my wattpad and I am bringing it over on here.


10. Chapter 9 -Last of the hospital

Chrissy's P.O.V

Felicity stormed out of the room and had took of for some reason.They must have been fighting. We were waiting for Mikey to come out.

As he did he was smiling :-) and sat down not saying anything. He looked a little to happy for me , hmm. I wonder what happened in there . I have to go find out.

I got up and walked into the room suspiciously staring at her . Emery had a smile on her face but she had tear stained cheeks.

"Hey so whats the gossip?"

" Felicity was jealous of Me as Mikey was getting close to me an like me not her. She said she was only friend cause she thought I could never get a guy like him" she inhaled a deep breath and mumbled

"And I got out with Mikey" I stood there not being able to take in what she had said to me.

"Wait, what?"

Emery's P.O.V

As she said that I looked down embarrassed.

"I go out with Mikey" I said louder than last time. I looked down scared of what she would think of me.

"OMG really thats so cute you're like perfect for each other!!!" I was shocked at the sudden outburst from her. She was so loud everybody else heard and came in saying congrats.

As Mikey sat next to me I looked down as I could feel the blush creeping on my face.

"Aww" Calum chimed. Everybody else excluding me and Mikey all turned and glared at him. He looked down sad. We really need to get him a girl. So he doesn't feel left out I think he liked Felicity but that wont be happening anytime soon. Where do we find a girl perfect for him?

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