Holiday horror

(They boy are not FAMOUS in this story) Emery Lee and her friend Felicity are going on a school trip with her class what happens when they have got to share a caravan with 4 boys and things go crazy?

This story was first posted on my wattpad and I am bringing it over on here.


7. Chapter 6 - hospital

Felicity's P.O.V

We've been waiting here for ages. They had to take her in for emergency surgery due to blood loss. (Don't know if that actually happens but it does in the story sorry).

I hope she's okay.They said it was serious.We are all really worried but we are trying to be optimistic saying that Emery's strong enough to make it through but you know it never always ends like that.

Life isn't picture perfect. We just have to hope for the best.

Mikey's P.O.V

There was a thousand thoughts running through my head. Looking around the room everybody sat in silence with despair written on their face.

I just hope that a doctor will come in and tell u something soon. I need to hear that everything is okay.I hope the future will be fine. Regret washed over me as I realised I forgot to tell her.

Why me? out of everybody why did it happen to me? As you can tell my life isn't the best just now but I have to get through it for her.

Lana's P.O.V

I hadn't been friends with them for long but I felt as if I had been friends for. I really hope that Emery will be okay , I don't know her as well as I have only met her once.

I heard Mikey's stomach grumble. He looked down at it and back up with a pout on his face directed at me and Luke. ^3^ . Luke groaned.

"Ugh fine we will go get food for everyone"

"You know where to go right?" Mikey's mood has hanged dramatically when it came to food.
"Yes" We chimed.
---------- Lana and Luke are back -----------

Mikey's P.O.V

I ran over to them as soon as Lana & Luke as soon as the came back. I hadn't had food for a while now and so did everybody else. I focused on eating trying to have happy thoughts. :-)

A while after eating everybody was bored so they decided to play a game on their phone or talk because there was no wifi.

The room was silent until it was disturbed by a nurse coming in .

"Emery's friends right. Well her condition has gotten better but is still not stable but if you want you can come and see her one by one , so who's first" Everybody look at me so I got up and followed him until he lead me to her door and wandered off leaving me.

I stood their bracing my self for what was to come. As I stood their I wanted to go back because of the nerves but I pulled myself into the room.

I stood their in complete shock with my emotions running around as I looked at her pale,weak and lifeless body. I wanted to break down.

No ones P.O.V

Michael sat down next to the bed where she lay. He took a deep breath in before saying

"I'Ve been trying to hide it from everybody even myself but I can't take it any more Emery Lee Aaron I love you and I will love you till the day I die."

As Michael sat there for a moment then left. He never noticed the smile on Emery's face which could only mean one thing...

Hope you enjoyed.

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