Holiday horror

(They boy are not FAMOUS in this story) Emery Lee and her friend Felicity are going on a school trip with her class what happens when they have got to share a caravan with 4 boys and things go crazy?

This story was first posted on my wattpad and I am bringing it over on here.


6. Chapter 5 -The hike

Emery's P.O.V    ----------------next day---------------------

We were going on a hike today. Well most of us. Ash & Chrissy had somehow managed to find their way out of it. Since they asked that Mr Thomas said we where to be in the same partners as yesterday. I knew that walking in a creepy forest alone with Mikey might not be the best as we don't seem to really hit it off like thew others.

He is pretty cute though.. Why am I thinking that .Ugh. The last time that happened it didn't end well.Yeah it turned out the guy didn't like me so. I tried to leave my feelings behind as we made our way over to where Mr Thomas was standing.

"You will have to 1( Lunchtime), you must all bring back at least one thing from the walk/hike and head back to the caravan site where we will meet and look at what you have brought for me" We all set of into our assigned places.

"We'll have to bring back something good to beat them"

"Yeah , I suggest we stick together  cause I don't want to get lost in a forest".

"Okay Emery" As we were walking through the forest we could hear the sounds of nature.It was actually quite relaxing to be here with Mikey. The wind was blowing on our faces , messing up Mikeys hair. It was funny watching him try to fix it.

"Stop Emery , it isn't funny I am trying to make my hair look nice".

"It looks nice no matter what" I then turned my head because Mikey cause my gaze at him and I was blushing.

"WATCH OUT!!" Mikey pulled me back just in time. I was to busy being embarrassed. That I never saw the low branch Mikey saved me from.

"Thanks Mikey" We stood there until I noticed Mikey dancing.

"Sup Mikey you okay?"

"I..I ..ugh.need to go pee"

"Go then I'll wait over a bit when your done shout". Mikey gave me a quick nod before leaving. I stood there awkwardly before walking further away and deeper into the forest.*Rustle*. My breathing quick end as I heard this.

"Mikey". Nothing came back. I heard a growl from behind me so I whipped my head round to see a wolf.Coming closer. I turned round where I stared running deeper into the forest. Forgetting that there was loads of low branches and Mikey had saved me from one earlier. As my head hut a branch the world faded and everything went black.

Michael's P.O.V.

After I had finished my business. I  went back the the space where Emery was. She wasn't there.

"Emery, Emery are you there?" No answer came. I took a quick look around before going to tell the boys/ girls to help me look.

Ash's P.o.v

We were in the middle of watching Toy story. When on out of breath Mikey came bursting through the door.

"Ugh sorry to interrupt you two but Emery has went missing , go get the teacher please". So Chrissy went up and got the teacher. I looked over at Mikey whose face was full of panic.

"Calm down Mikey we will find her"  Mr Thomas came bursting through the door.

"Ashton and Chrissy get the rest of them."

Luke's P.O.V.

We where all looking  form Emery. I hope she was okay if anything for Mikeys sake. I know they both like each other even if they never actually admit it.  I turned to see Lana frozen.

"Sup Lana" She shined her torch down to were Emery's body lay surrounded by blood.

"Guys found her." I screamed at the top of my lungs. They all came rushing over. One of them pulled out their phone and called and ambulance.

Calums P.O.V.( Sorry for the pov changes)

Once we found her. Mikey looked like a ghost. I really  and truly felt sorry for him. We were her with our girls and he was watching his get took away in a stretcher  . I hope he knows it wasn't his fault.

Michael's P.O.V.

Seeing her get took away on the stretcher into the ambulance. It broke me .

---------In car to hospital----------

I never should have left her . I laid my head on the window seeing the boys with the girls. I couldn't take it. As a tear rolled down my face I hoped that the story wouldn't end like this. :-(

Thanks for Reading. :-p I know Ashton's fav movie is Pursuit of Happyness but I have never saw it or know what it's about so I just picked a random movie.

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