Holiday horror

(They boy are not FAMOUS in this story) Emery Lee and her friend Felicity are going on a school trip with her class what happens when they have got to share a caravan with 4 boys and things go crazy?

This story was first posted on my wattpad and I am bringing it over on here.


11. Chapter 10 -Back to the caravan

Lana's P.O.V.

Emery was really excited being released for the hospital. Now were here face with a problem as we have to go back to the caravan where Felicity could possibly be.

"What are we going to do about the caravan?" I asked anybody who was listening.

"Mr Thomas said were moving into a new bigger one but has said nothing about Felicity." Luke replied.

"Lets go guys" We turned around to see Emery. She stood there with a smile on her face an hand in hand with Mikey.

Chrissy's P.O.V

"Hey are you coming?" Ashton said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Ugh yeah" I mumbled . Ashton looked at me before putting his arm on my shoulder with a smile on his face.

"Come on".


Emery's P.O.V

As we reached the caravan site I grew nervous wondering if she was there.

"Are you okay" Mikey asked.


"Are you sure you're fine cause you look nervous".

"I'm fine" I said unsure of what else to say.Mikey had leaned in closer.

"I won't let her come anywhere near you Emery don't worry".

"Were here" Calum shouted. We all stepped out of the car to where Mr Thomas was standing.

"Welcome back , Felicity will not be joining us for the last day as she had family matters to attend to".We all got settled once we got to the new caravan and played games.

Until we got called down to the park were we ha to go in boy/girl teams and write about the trip.

Me, Lana and Chrissy sat down and thought about it.

"Well we have made friends and gone through drama that ha brought us closer so write something like that".

The letter

On this trip we have been through a lot.We were put in groups with people we didn't know to well and made friends with them.At the beginning I(Emery) found it quite hard to be friends with them but over the trip I have grown to like them.

We were set into different partners
( Emery and Michael, Lana and Luke, Ashton and Chrissy, Calum and Felicity).Then something happened that brought us one step closer an accident. The truth came out and friendships were lost, hearts broken and our lives changed for the better.

Then we set of home...

Felicity's P.O.V

"Ugh Dad. I need a favour ".

"Yes darling?"


End of part one.

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