Holiday horror

(They boy are not FAMOUS in this story) Emery Lee and her friend Felicity are going on a school trip with her class what happens when they have got to share a caravan with 4 boys and things go crazy?

This story was first posted on my wattpad and I am bringing it over on here.


9. Chaper 8 - Really

----continues after Mikey left----

Emery's P.O.V

Everybody was in a chat with each other but I noticed that Felicity was being different than her usual self. I turned to Luke and whispered to him

" Do you know whats up with Felicity?"

"No". As I whispered I think Calum heard because he stared over at us weirdly 0_0. Maybe he knew what was going on I'll have to ask him later when were alone.

"Ugh guy do you mind leaving so I can have a word with Emery." They all muttered yeah and got up and left. Calum looked nervous as if he knew what was about to happen but left any way.

"Do you know why I wan't to talk to you?"

"About you acting weird?"

"Yeah but do you know why I'm acting weird?"

"No am I supposed to"

"Just listen here Emery you need to back off Mikey he's mine" Is this really what she is arguing about the only time a guy likes me and she wants them. She's supposed to be my friends and tell me she's cool about it .

"I thought you where going out with Calum anyway"

"No you the one supposed to be going out with him"

"Well I love Mikey and the feeling mutual so"

"Some friend you are! The only reason I was friends with you is because I knew you could never end up with a guy like him" With that she left tears streaming down her face. I sat there questioning everything.

Mikeys P.O.V

As I came back from getting changed I saw Felicity exit the room tears going down her face. What happened when I was gone?

They all stood there in shock. All of them at the same time stared at me . I knew what it meant I had to go solve the problem again.

"Hey are you okay, what did she say to you?"

"Well she told me she love you and only was my friend because I could never end up with you"

"That a real problem why don't we change that now then. Will you be my girlfriend?" I replied to him saying yes as I leaned into kiss him.


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