My name is Alexandra , I am 17 I live with my mum and dad ,There names are Alice Horan and David Horan yes I am Niall's little sister he doesn't know that I cut... what will happen if Liam saw what I've done? Read to find out


5. Something happening to mum

-Alexandras pov-

Today I wok

e up i didnt feel very well i was like this yesterday , i got refreshed and got into clean pyjamas and i put my hair in a bun and wrapped myself with a blanket , when downstairs and saw the boys , grabbed a tissue and blower mynose and coughed , I saw dad coming ddownstairs he saw me and said "Alex are you OK bunny , are you ill". I nodded andnhugged my dad he said "Go lay on the couch , boys could you please move and your mum is worse I think she has cancer". I nodded my head and the boys took care of me and I fell asleep and someone kept messing with my hair then hold my hand.



-7 hours later- 


I woke up and saw that the person that was messing with my hair and holding my hand last night was the only one that stayed up was Harry Styles .... I shake Harry to wake up and he did and he said "How are you feeling this morning Alex". I looked at him and said "I am ok , still ill but the most thing I am worried about is my mum she has been ill for 2 weeks she hides it very well so she doesn't upset me or Niall or my dad". He nodded his head he hugged and I giggled and said "Your very warm I am very cold ,feel my hands". He felt my hands and he laughed he then said "They are very  cold what have you been doing with your hands". I shuck my head saying I don't know I cant remember.


I went up to bed because I was so tired I had no strength at all, I dreamt that I was emo and it didn't sound bad I might just change because I hate being the good girl I have always been I might teach my parents a lesson to not boss me around that much. So I went into my room because it was already midnight and tomorrow is New Year Eve that's when we start our countdown for the new year that's coming.


-Next Morning-


I woke up and thought my change my look , so I hopped into the shower , I dyed my hair blue and purple I finished and I looked into the mirror and put my lip ring in , I haven't wore it in ages and I went to my closet and I wore this :


I went downstairs and I saw mum and dad and I ignored them both , I put some snacks and beer and keys for the house into my bag and I got my skateboard , I put my phone into my front pocket , I had my head phones in and I was listening to Skater Boi by Avril Lavigne , I love her songs I wish I could go and see her , I have arrived at my best friends house that is an emo like me and doesn't like her parents , I rang the door bell and her mum opened the door I said "Hello Ashley , is by any chance Lola in , I called upon her to hang out". She looked at me and smiled she said "Of course , come in and I will shout her down from her room ok". I nodded and came in , I waited I saw Lola running to me and we had the same outfit on omg I said "Hey you copied me , I am only joking ,come to my house". She nodded and said to her mum she spending the night at mine , she got her back with clothes and we went to park and we hung out and played tricks on smaller kids we saw One Direction boys with my mum and dad weird, We ate and went back to my house and we blasted music mum and dad going away for business again. PARTY TIME



Hope you liked this chapter








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