My name is Alexandra , I am 17 I live with my mum and dad ,There names are Alice Horan and David Horan yes I am Niall's little sister he doesn't know that I cut... what will happen if Liam saw what I've done? Read to find out


4. Meeting Simon

-Alexandra POV-

Today I woke up by a knock at the door , I stretched at said come in, it say brother Niall and he said "Morning sis sorry to wake you but we got a meeting with Simon and he wants you to comes I he could meet up with you". I nodded and he left my room I got refreshed and I put this on today : 

I thought I would wear this, I think my brother wont like what I am wearing but it is my outfit I don't mind, Today is Christmas at is very hot I don't get it , it should be cold  but that's the going to happen anytime soon. I fixed my black and applied a bit of make-up my natural look. I put on my sneakers and I went downstairs I saw mum and dad awake my mum said "I love your outfit today chick". "Thanx mum , haven't you got work today". I said and she looked confused but then my dad spoke up and said "Of course she does , and aren't you showing to much skin young lady?". "Dad I'm 18 and I haven't even had a boyfriend for like in a long time cause you know what happened last time when I had a boyfriend, you punched him". I said and he looked embarrassed and I giggled and gave mum and dad a kiss on the cheeks, I got my keys and I went to start my driving lessons and then go home take a shower , get ready and then meet Simon .... I'm so nervous oh well , I passed my driving lesson I am getting my car tomorrow. I walked home and I opened the door saw mum then I said "Mum I passed my driving lessons , tomorrow I am getting my car I am so exited ok I am going to have a shower see yeah later boys". I winked at Harry.  


I went upstairs I had a relaxing shower dried myself and straightened my hair and put make up on and I put knickers and bra on I went out in my towel and I chosen this outfit : 



I wore this to meet Simon I know my brother won't allow it but it is for Simon , I checked one more time in the mirror and I went downstairs , Harry was gob smacked and I giggled and I saw Jade, Perrie and Jesy , I went over to them and hugged them. I saw my car has arrived just in time and it looked like this :

Well you say we are rich my mum is a lawyer and my dad is a police man, I got inside and Harry and Zayn came with me and the others Liam and Louis went into Liam's car of course because Louis broke his because he was being his sassy self and didn't watch the road and crashed it into the tree.


-Skip Car Ride-


We have arrived and it was huge and Harry grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear "Don't worry , Uncle Si is very nice when you get to meet him and later would you like to go on a date with me ,I will ask Uncle Si if I can date you and I will ask your brother because as you know your brother is going to be in charge , your mum and dad going away for business work for 2 years". I nodded and hugged him , Niall looked at me with the evil eyes , Oh here we go again. I handed the keys to Harry because he wanted to drive me to the date so I agreed to it. He asked Uncle Si and he said yes and he said that because I am a lovely girl and I got a good singing voice also Uncle Si said he might make me a record deal , I can't wait.


I went to Niall , He said to me "You are grounded and I don't care about what Harry says you are not going to date him". I looked at him and said "Do you know what your not our dad at least mum and dad can see I like Harry but you can't , I hate you and you need to live with that because the boys are staying at our house forever you do know that". He looked gob smacked after what I said to him , I went over to Harry hugged him because I was really cold , Harry took of his Jacket and gave it to me , we were having a picnic I think. We started driving to the place we are going to have our date.


-Skip Car Ride-


We have arrived and I couldn't wait for what Harry has planned I wish I could be his girlfriend butt I don't think he likes me in that kind of way.


-Harry's POV-


When we arrived at the place I wanted to ask Alex to be my girlfriend , I hope she will say yes I as well don't like what Niall did to Alex. I took out the picnic basket and the blanket , I put it under the moonlight , we talked , laughed and then I had to ask the question "Alex , Will you be my girlfriend?". I looked at her and she saw that I was holding a ring but it was a promise ring and she said "Yes I love to be your girlfriend". I was so happy what she said. We packed everything to go home and I saw she stopped to take of her shoes because her feet  think was killing her. She fell asleep , I carried her to her bedroom and I went back outside to put her car in the garage , I put the roof up. Took the blanket and picnic basket out and put everything into the bin then left everything in the garage, switch off the light and went upstairs.



I was out like a light.



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