My name is Alexandra , I am 17 I live with my mum and dad ,There names are Alice Horan and David Horan yes I am Niall's little sister he doesn't know that I cut... what will happen if Liam saw what I've done? Read to find out


2. Day off School

-Alexandra's pov-


I woke really not feeling well so I texted my best friend I wouldn't be in school so if I miss any notes could she write them for me, I brushed my hair and put it down I thought way not have a change and I wore this today :  


I really couldn't be bothered today .... I didn't tell my mum and dad that I got expelled from school I am only going in tomorrow because today is Thursday today .... I might watch some movies or go skating .... I went downstairs and saw that mum and dad was awake but not my brother or anyone else. I asked mum "Mum can me and Niall have a brother and sister day and if Niall wants to bring the boys he can , could you tell him that I be in the park with my other mates and I got expelled from school for 3 days". Then my mum looked angry " Alexandra Jane Horan what did you do this time , I will tell him and yes but your grounded". "What the fuck , why I'm I grounded for nothing and fuck this shit , why don't you ring up school". I yelled at my mum and I saw Niall and Dad looking at me with shocked eyes.


I grabbed my skateboard and started riding to the park where my emo friends are and my boyfriend that was emo .... I saw that my boyfriend had his arm around Jessica my worst enemy she is not even emo she is just a slut that sleeps around with boys to get money to pay her phone bill that is over £1.000 , I went over to him and dragged him away from him mates and I started saying "How long have you been doing this Luke"? "What do you mean Alex , oh me and Jessica nothing is going on". He said and I couldn't face anymore lies I had enough of his bullshit. so I said back "Cut the bullshit , ok you and me are through go with the slut that cheats with every boy ok don't come crawling back to me because your not getting an another change at all". He looked sad and went away I grabbed my skateboard , I went home.


-Skip ride home-


When I arrived home, I saw all the family sitting in the living room, I think mum and dad went to work , Harry saw me crying and he cam over and hugged me and all the boys were confused and Harry said " She dumped her boyfriend , cause he was cheated on her I know this because I went out for a walk and I saw Alex crying". I just hugged Harry I didn't want to face anyone else but I probably be fine tomorrow I hope.


-Harry's POV-


When I saw that Alex was crying and shouting at her boyfriend because he his arm around Jessica my ex girlfriend I don't want to talk about it. I knew it was a plan that Jessica told Luke to do to make somehow Alex cry.... When she came in I gave her a hug and she wouldn't let go off me until everyone left to go shopping for our house. I looked down and saw that she fell asleep so I put her onto the couch and covered her in a blanket and put on the hitting for a bit to not make her cold. I started coking everyone's favourite food.


I kept checking up on Alex and she was sound asleep ,  I heard the front door open and it was the rest of the boys and they saw Alex sleeping so they quietly tip-toed into the kitchen and they were talking quietly  as they could.



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