How To Annoy Harry Potter

A huge list of ways to annoy the staff and students at hogwarts

'Mischief Managed'
By Fred and George Weasley


5. How to Annoy: Voldemort!

How to Annoy: Voldemort!

1. Ask him if he needs a hug every 5 seconds

2. Throw tomatoes at him

3. Tell him you know a place for anger management 

4. Replace of of his robes with pink fluffy ones

5. Ask him if he's a vampire

6. Stick sticky notes saying 'Voldy <3's Harry!' everywhere

7. Send him flowers from Snape

8. Knit him a jumper that says 'I love you!" and give it him for his birthday

9. Create a theme tune for Voldemort

10. Send him to Disneyland for a week

EXTRA: 11. Throw mini marshmallows at him


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