How To Annoy Harry Potter

A huge list of ways to annoy the staff and students at hogwarts

'Mischief Managed'
By Fred and George Weasley


7. How to Annoy: Hogwarts! PART 2

How to Get Expelled From Hogwarts: 2

11. I will not reenact 'Harry Potter Puppet Pals' in the great hall.

12.Or anywhere else for that matter.

13. I will not shave Mrs. Norris

14. I am not allowed to call myself as the 'new dark lord.'

15. I am not a sloth animagus.

16. Remus Lupin doesn't wan't a flea collar.

17. I will not kiss Trevor.

18. Nor will I lick him.

19. I will not come to feasts dressed in a death eater robe and declare myself 'one of them' because I think it's funny, it's not.

20. I am not allowed to take Professor Flitwick's wand and torment him with it by holding it over my head and laughing as he tries to reach it.

End of part 2!


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