How To Annoy Harry Potter

A huge list of ways to annoy the staff and students at hogwarts

'Mischief Managed'
By Fred and George Weasley


3. How to Annoy: Harry Potter!

How to Annoy: Harry Potter

1. Tell him that Cedric turned into a sparkly vampire called Edward

2. Make him read Twilight

3. Tell him that Ginny is a horcrux

4. Lock him in a room full of 'Potter Stinks' badges

5. Block platform 9 3/4 and tape a sign saying 'Harry Potter must not go back the Hogwart school of witchcraft and wizardry!"

6. Tell him that Voldemort is his father

7. Draw the dark mark on him arm

8. Make everyone draw fake scars on their head

9. Tell him dumbledore is really Voldemort in a wig

10. Poke him

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