I Want To Travel The World

A tear escaped her eye as the plane doors closed. Her hands covered her mouth as a sob escaped. This wasn’t what she wanted. All she wanted was to see the world. To forget all her worries, to live, to laugh, to create memories of her own. But that wasn’t what destiny had planned out for her. No, it was so much more complicated than that. So complicated, that she was now doubting her decision. All her decisions. All the decisions she had made during her trip. She doubted it all, as the tears ran down her cheeks, leaving a trail of mascara behind them. Just like she had left him behind.


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She threw her suitcase on the bed and looked at it, eagerly. She couldn’t believe that it was finally happening. That she was finally going to make her dream come true. She was finally going to get away from everything. All her worries. She knew exactly where she was going, and how she was going to get there. She had been taking classes in foreign languages, and was more than ready to do this. She had been planning this since she was thirteen, and now it was finally happening.

She smiled as she opened the suitcase. She smiled as she started pulling out clothes. She packed her camera, and the extra eight memory cards she had bought. She knew she wasn’t going to need them all, but she wanted to make sure she could capture every moment.

She sighed softly as she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she glanced down at her nightstand, her eyes stopping at the picture. She smiled, remembering all the memories. With a gentle hand, she picked up the picture and ran her thumb over the glass that protected the picture. She had been looking at it so much, that it surprised her that all her staring hadn’t damaged it. She giggled. A picture wouldn’t break, just because she looked at it. Silly thought.

She put it back down as she started packing the suitcase. She knew exactly what she needed. She had studied every place down to even the tiniest detail. Everything had been planned down to every detail. She had been planning this for so many years now, and the fact that it was finally happening, made her heart skip a beat.

She put the now packed suitcase by her bed side as she looked at the list on her desk. She checked it. Checked it again. Double-checked it twice, just to conclude that she had packed everything she needed. She smiled as she got dressed in her PJ and went to bed. It was finally happening, and she couldn’t be more excited. She smiled as the sound of her calm breathing, lulled her to sleep. 

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