Brothers boyband

Mikayla had to move to the other side of the world to be her brother Luke Hemmings from 5s seconds of summer.falling for a band mate and lying to her brother what will happen


6. waking up

I woke up beside Calum I jumped out of bed as Calum tried to grab my waist tightly i shook him of abruptly as I said

"Calum this was a mistake" walking out of the room even though nothing happened apart from a small cuddle.

Calum walking out and asking me what was wrong

" we can't" I told Calum not now not ever

"But why Mikayla" he replied with a still half a sleep voice

" u r great Calum" I replied softy as he looked sadly at me

" I know u like me Mikayla" Calum expertly explained still trying to

I grab him closer than ever and whisper "kiss me then" in his ear so he did and it felt amazing until his tongue met my top lip and i knew exactly what he wanted. I pulled away as my phone rang it was Tiana

hey miki what u doin

um I'm busy Tiana can we talk later

how r u busy It's only 3am

I just am

I hung up the phone and went on with kissing

Tiana POV

I knew exactly what was happening she was with Calum romantically God she must want Luke to kill him.

Mikayla POV

my phone rang again this time it was Luke and I pulled away from Calum again

where did u go last night Mikayla Jade Hemmings

none of ur business Luke Robert Hemmings I'm a big girl I can deal with myself u know

get ur ass home sassy pants NOW by the way if u were with Calum he is dead meat

no I'm not coming home I'm booking my ticket back to California then leaving to go live with dad and mum and btw u and Calum r as bad as each other ur both complete dicks to me so u guys should just kiss and make up

yeh I'm going to call him soon I bet he's pissed at me tho

idk Luke I would be if I was him u did punch him pretty hard I'm going to get my tickets now bye

I walked back over to the bed where Calum was laying in bed

"was that true u think I'm a dick and ur moving back to California"

"No Cal but I needed and excuse to get away from Luke so we could cuddle and kiss for a few more hours before I run back to the house apologising and then we have to keep our relationship a secret ok Cal''

''sounds great Mikayla but I don't know if I can keep my hands off u in front of Luke or anyone"

" well u have to promise u will"

"fine only cause I luv u"

his hands crept back onto my thigh then up to my waist sliding his arm up my shirt pulling it off and throwing it across the room as I removed his shirt at the same time then I moved my hands onto his chest sliding my hands to his waist pushing him down on the bed then running off stealing his shirt

''miki ur a tease''

'' I know and u luv it''

''I'm going to go home I will call u about 20 minutes after that"


I kept feeling sick and kept throwing up but why I never ever felt this bad before I thought it must be a stomach flu but I think I have an idea of what it could be and I really hope it's not



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