Brothers boyband

Mikayla had to move to the other side of the world to be her brother Luke Hemmings from 5s seconds of summer.falling for a band mate and lying to her brother what will happen


5. the mistaken kiss

"I don't know mikayla and I'm sorry for being a away

" Calum we can't do this Luke will kill u and u know it he is overprotective"

Calum says " I don't care mikayla I think I luv u"

" no Calum u have obviously been slapped to hard"

" I'm going to my room" I told him

Next thing I knew was Luke going into Calum's room asking if he had been flirting with me and Calum said nothing for a while until he broke his silence

"I luv her Luke"

Luke stared at him then out of rage he punched Calum in the face then the stomach

" u can't luv my sister" Luke said

Calum stood up and hit Luke's chest.

"Leave Calum NOW" Luke adds quickly

"Fine I will" he left the house and drove into a motel texting me.


I'm sorry Miki x cal

What for? Cal

U just called me cal

And u just called me miki.

<3 x cal

R u trying to flirt with me Calum Thomas Hood

No not at all x ;) cal

Cal u know we can't, but where r u staying?

Surface paradise mantra resort

Good I'm on my way be there in about 30 minutes x miki

Great :) :) :) xox cal


About 29.23 minutes I arrived to see Calum's face swollen up black eye and busted lips

" I'm so sorry Calum it my fault"

"Mikayla it's my fault"

" no it's mine"

As he leaned in to kiss me again I push away

" I think we should just be friends Calum" I tell him

"Why Mikayla, Luke doesn't have to know"

"He's ur best friend and band mate and my BROTHER"

"I don't care" Calum said quietly into my ear suductivly.

" fine Cal but only cuddling ok"


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