Brothers boyband

Mikayla had to move to the other side of the world to be her brother Luke Hemmings from 5s seconds of summer.falling for a band mate and lying to her brother what will happen


13. sleepless night

we walked through the door and to the couch dropping my hospital bag and the car seat with Thomas in it on the kitchen bench

"home sweet home" i giggled as Calum reached over to Tom's car seat pulling his small body out

"he's so cute when can the boys come to see him"

"call them now and call Tiana too okay"

"off course" he handed Thomas to me and placed a kiss on my forehead pulling his phone from his pocket and dialling the boys numbers

"they will be here in 10 tops"

"ok i might go freshen up can u hold Tom"

"of course pass the lil turd here"

"did u just call our child a turd Calum Thomas Hood"


"well no kisses for u tonight then"

"noooooo please don't cut the supply from me"

"i was just joking" i pressed a swift kiss on his cheek 

"yay i got a kiss" he pulled Tom from my arms as i walked up the staircase almost loosing my breath i reached for the bathroom door opening it and stepping inside i stripped and turned the shower on so steam was pouring out as i stepped in the warm water cascaded down my back and soon i stepped out wrapping a towel around me and then slipping into my pj shorts and a sweater of Calums brushing my hair into a messy bun and walking back down the stairs seeing Calum sitting on the lounge with Thomas in one hand and a bottle in the other

"oh my two fav boys r so cute"

"i'm not cute i'm sexy"

"don't go there Hood"

"ohhh i thought hormones stopped after the baby was born"

"Calum i'm just tired not hormonal"

"ok baby well Thomas is asleep i will put him down and the boys will be here in about 5"

"ohhh yeh that's right the boys r coming wait what is Tom wearing" i looked at our sons clothing realising he was wearing a nirvana onesie and a 5 seconds of summer beanie which was the boys band

"ohhh u like it"

"yeh but how did u get it"

"well the boys and i made shirts and we made the bub a beanie and a onesie i also bought him black jeans, vans and a nirvana shirt"

"of course u would"

"whats that supposed to mean"

''typical boy dressing our child like a punk''

''the baby is gonna look so much like me tho''

''yeh i know hey i think the boys r here go get the door'' he stood up and walked towards the door i lifted my legs and rested them on the foot stool in front of me the 3 boys ran through the room and pounced at me

"hey guys shhhh Tommy's asleep" Calum yelled handed me a glass of water

"thanks babe hey boys what u doing" before the could respond they was loud crying from upstairs

"oh shit i will be back" i lifted my legs up and walked up the stairs reaching the nursery and lifting Tom up from the crib and pressed him against my chest and walking back down stairs

"boys Tommy is awake and very cranky so please excuse me while i feed him

"can i feed him" Mikey asked from the couch 

"no i want to" Ash chimed in

"ok how about this i let  guys decided i will be right back Mikey will u hold him while i get his bottle"

"hey why can't i hold him" Mikey argued

"thats it give me my nephew" Luke argued reached and grabbing Tom from my arms i walked to the kitchen made a bottle and walked back out of course Luke was no longer holding him and Ashton was passed out with his feet in the air on the couch Mikey had his head resting on the coffee table fast asleep and Calum was holding Tommy  

"what happened to them"

"oh they were out last night at some club"

"ohhh explains it hey Luke can u feed Tommy then" 

''of course"

"u can stay for tonight but i'm going to bed now i'm tired"

"ok night"

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