Brothers boyband

Mikayla had to move to the other side of the world to be her brother Luke Hemmings from 5s seconds of summer.falling for a band mate and lying to her brother what will happen


1. Home sweet home

I got off the plane walking looking for Luke. He said he was wearing his nirvana T-shirt and a pair of long black ripped jeans. There he was.

" Luke Hemmings come here u dipshit"

"Hey little sis"

"Can we go I want to meet the boys already" I yelled

"Yes well I have rules for u living with me just 2 rules"

"Go on" I interrupted no dating any of my friends and no alcohol in the house"

"Ok sounds ok to me cause If there anything like u there dipshits" I smiled and laughed at Luke's not impressed face "plus I'm not a drinker" I laughed as we go into the bans van it was black obviously spray painted " nice car" I jokingly said

We go there about ten minutes later the house was huge we walked to the front door and Luke opened it when I say 3 incredibly attractive guys sitting on the lounge staring at me. Luke barged in and said "guys this is Mikayla my sister none of u r to date her as a walked though the door I saw 2 of the three guys stand up and say hi introducing themselves one had bright red hair and the other had a wavy dirty brown hair the other guy was some guy called Calum I believe from what I have heard. He's a complete dick he doesn't even say hello to me

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