Brothers boyband

Mikayla had to move to the other side of the world to be her brother Luke Hemmings from 5s seconds of summer.falling for a band mate and lying to her brother what will happen


3. hit head

"Tiana" she must fell asleep last night I knew she had been drinking I could smell it in her breath last night and she slurred her words a lot to.

I shook Tiana as Luke walked down stairs giving me a morning hug

"How did u sleep sis" he asked

"I didn't really" I added

"Why not"

"I was just thinking where r the boys anyway"

"Calum's hung over, Michael is kissing a pizza and Ash has just gone to get coffee and breakfast for us."

"Lol" I said laughing my absolutely laughing my ass off

"What's so funny"

"Michael and pizza kissing"

"Lol" he laughed back at me

"So were r they then I'm going to go crash the party now"

" Cals in bed Michaels in the kitchen"

"Oh like can u wake up Tiana and give her an aspirin she came over when u were at the show and she smelt like alcohol and she passed out on the couch"

"Fine" he sighed

I decide to go to Calum first because I thought he was a dick to me yesterday.

I jumped on his bed " morning Calum get ur ass up its 2pm u douche"

"What the fuck r u doing Mikayla" he yelled

" waking u up idiot"

He smiled and gabbed my legs tripping me over"

I fell off the bed and hit my hard really hard on the floor.

"Mikayla I'm so sorry"

"Stay the fuck away from me Calum u fucking suck" I walked out balling my eyes out my head hurt really bad as I went to Luke's room to hug him he asked me what happened and I told him a little white lie.

"I was jumping on Calum's bed I fell and hit my head bad"

"Does it hurt"

"Yeh it does really bad"

"Go lie down I will get and ice pack try not to pass out ok sis" Luke explained

Then there was a knock on my door followed by a very apologetic Calum.

"I'm so so so so so sorry Mikayla u weren't supposed to fall on the floor at all I was trying to play around I didn't want u to get hurt"

"Get out Calum please ur giving me a headache"

"Ok I'm still sorry tho" Calum said sniffling

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