Brothers boyband

Mikayla had to move to the other side of the world to be her brother Luke Hemmings from 5s seconds of summer.falling for a band mate and lying to her brother what will happen


11. delievery

after we entered the room they gave me an epidural and laid me back onto the bed Calum pulled a chair from across the room and sat down next to me squeezing my hand tightly.

"Cal i think i'm ready the baby is coming"

''ok babe i will go get the doctor" he pressed a kiss on my head and ran for the doctor

4 hours later

Our baby was born at 5:34am and his name is Thomas Fletcher Hood he weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces and of course Calum loves him a lot and of course i luv him to death also and of course he is in luv with the stupid pizza toy that Mikey bought him and Calum has been so so helpful and always changing him and feeding him i decided that i wasn't going to breastfeed so we used the bottle Ash bought him of course i stole Ash's middle name cause i really like it and he was over the moon Luke was really weird about the baby and wouldn't let anyone touch him if he was there not even Calum who was the babys god damn father and Calum bought heaps of cute clothes he even bought socks that looked like converse and beanies that said 5SOS and nirvana on them of course he also bought the blink 182,greenday,rolling stones and ramones onesies and had already changed him four times since he was born. today i was being discharged from the hospital and i was so happy about that finally i could go back to my own bed and be comfortable and be with my baby and my bestfriend in the entire world who was also my fiance. Calum packed Thomas clothes and mine as well before signing us out i carried Thomas to the car and Cal put him in the car seat as we drove home Calum reached for my hand interlocking our finger he lifted my hand and pressed a small kiss on it.

"i luv u Miki"

"i luv u too Cal"

"our son has the best mother in the world"

"our son has the best father also"

''hey can u cheak my twitter really quick i have a notification"

"sure babe"

i flicked through the notifications and saw a message from 1D

"um babe it's from 1D and it's really good news"

"what is it baby"

"well they want u guys to tour with them" i said trying to not cry we would be separated for months and i knew i couldn't live without him now 

"omg babe thats amazing but if they won't let u and Tommy come then the boys and i will decline the offer u know that right"

"no u can't give ur dream up for me and Tommy i don't want u too"

"babe i made a promise to u and i will keep it and that promise is i will never leave u ever and u know the boys wouldn't be able to live either without u but mainly me babe i can't live without u ever"

"this is why i love u ur amazing Cal "

"ur more amazing"

we  pulled up to the front door were we walked in the first time with our new baby Thomas Fletcher Hood

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