Brothers boyband

Mikayla had to move to the other side of the world to be her brother Luke Hemmings from 5s seconds of summer.falling for a band mate and lying to her brother what will happen


9. 8 Months later

calum and i had stuck together through the pregnancy so far and he treated me like a princess as well as Luke who even though he couldn't believe i would get knocked up at 18 he understood that it was an accident and all the boys were excited for the new baby and today was the ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby and Calum was so super excited about it and blew off a band meeting to come.

"u ready babe"

"yep cal i just need to brush my hair"

"i'll brush it for u if u want"

"cal i luv u but it's my hair i can brush it"

"ok but hurry up baby cause we need to make sure our baby's ok"

"i'm done lets go see our baby"


i hopped into the car and headed to the ultrasound appointment the doctor greeted us and i layed down on the bed

"do u want to know the sex of the baby" the doctor said

"yes please doc" Calum squeezed my hand tightly 

"well u have a beautiful baby boy"

"omg yay it's gonna be a mini u babe oh he's gonna be really cute" i said almost in tears

"ohhhh babe were gonna have a baby boy i can dress him like me and he will be so cute and we only have a month too wait"

"well it might be a bit early than that actually" the doctor told us

"is everything ok with him or is there a problem"

"he's perfectly fine he is just a few weeks older than we thought"

"so when will he be born then"

'' it could be next week or a few weeks either way get rest don't move to much and relax ur feet as ur ankles r really swollen"

"ok doc thank you is there anything else"

"no that will be all have u been reading through the pamphlets i gave u about breastfeeding and all those things"

"yes doc i have"

"ok i will see the baby after it's born for immunizations"

"yep definitely"

Calum helped me off the bed and into the car we drove for a few hours and he kept checking his phone every 5 minutes but i soon fell asleep.when we arrived home there was a lot of noise and the boys jumped up from behind the couch

"congrats Miki and Cal"

"thanks guys" Calum and I said in unison Michael,Luke and Ashton then handed me gifts for the baby Michael bought a pizza toy, Ash bought a bottle and dummy and of course my brother Lukas Hemmings bought him a blanket which said 'little rockstar' Calum and i were yet to set the nursery up as we wanted to wait to know whether it was a boy or girl before anything was bought or decorating commenced but the smell of fresh paint lingered as Calum walked hand in hand with me up the stairs leading me into the nursery room painted a fresh coat of baby blue and a cot lay in the middle of the room with a blue cozy blanket and a stuffed bear there was also change tables and bottles and car seats and prams scattered around the room.

"Calum babe when did u do this"

"baby u know how after we left the doctors surgery i texted the boys and told them what to buy and to hurry up and that i would drive u around for a while"

"this is amazing babe i luv it no actually i luv u" i pecked his lips quickly

"well the baby has somewhere to sleep now and i also picked up a bassinet a few weeks ago to go in our room and a  bouncer thing too"

"ur perfect Calum i luv u so much and i know how much of a good father to our baby even though were young we can do this we can make this as long as i'm with u i can do anything"

"ur the perfect one Miki speaking of which" he bent down on one knee and pulled a black box out of his pocket "will u marry me Mikayla and make me the happiest man child alive"

"of course i will i luv u so much" with that i was a puddle of tears all i could think of was our future and how amazing it was going to be 


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