extras [h.s. love story/au]

23 year-old Liv Knight had everything taken away from her in the blink of an eye. Her parents are dead. Her brother is dead. She didn't have anyone. So she went to someone who could help her forget.

One day, she met a mysterious man who had left her speechless. He saw her for what she really was...and that's what scared her. Liv's fear of this man soon turned into something else though. She wanted answers and she would do anything to get them, even if it meant talking to him in person.

What she didn't know that this guy was special...a revolutionary human being like herself. His name was Harry Styles, the world's youngest and most powerful business guru. Just one encounter with him made Liv's life turn upside down even more. Who knew that getting answers would cause so many problems? Well, some things are better left buried and forgotten.


9. chapter 9

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Liv's POV

In came Harry with a pair of chilled wine glasses, filled to the brim with red wine. He slowly sat down beside me on the sofa in the cabin, his face filled with concentration. The side of his thigh brushed my own, and he cleared his throat.

We'd been on the plane for about 4 hours now. We had a small layover in Paris...which didn't really make a difference. I was still uncomfortable.

My eyes were hooded as I tried to stay awake. We were both trying to stay awake. My arms were snugly wrapped around my waist, my legs crossed in front of me.

"Here," he said, offering me the clear glass. "I think we both need this after today's events."

I gratefully accepted the drink, the coldness of it sending a shiver down my body. After placing the cold glass to my lips and taking a sip, I placed the glass down on the small table in front of us.

Harry took a large sip, and I saw his Adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed slowly. "I'm assuming that you have some questions for me," he murmured, taking another large sip of wine.

"I mean who wouldn't?" I question, my eyebrow raised. "Considering you had a group of men chasing after us who wanted you dead." The wine glass was drawn back into my hand as I took another sip. I just need anything to numb this feeling that I have right now...

Harry's face was solid as he analyzed my words. He was thinking of a way to respond to me. But, not telling me the whole truth.

"I need the whole goddamned truth Harry," I snapped, before sighing in frustration. I raked my hands through my hair. "I don't have time for any bullshit." He clenched his jaw. I challenged his warning glare. "Neither of us do I'm afraid."

I swirled the wine around my glass impatiently. Harry placed his fingers on the bridge of his nose before huffing. Resting his elbows on his knees, he turned to face me. "Those men," he began. "Want me because of my family. Because of what I'm capable of."

Well, that was a no brainer.

I rolled my eyes. "And what exactly are you capable of?" I questioned, my eyes locked with his. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his hands now clasped on his lap.

"You've already seen this," he said, while lifting up his palm. He stared at the face of his palm, his eyes carefully trained on the revealed skin. A few seconds later, a ball of energy formed in his hand again. But this time, it was glowing. I-It was fire.

I watched in amazement as I witnessed the phenomenon in front of me. I still couldn't believe he could do that. But we are special after all...


His eyes focused on the flame in his hand, and simply nodded his head. "Yeah."

I smiled hesitantly. "And what else can you do?"

He closed his hand quickly, extinguishing the flame. Harry then flicked his finger towards a nearby chair and it flipped over instantly. He balled his hand into a fist. "I can do much more than that," he said, a stoic look on his face. "Much more." I watched as he rubbed his hand across his scruff jawline. "It's called telekinesis." He did it again, lifting his wine glass that was set on the table with the wave of his finger. "I can move objects with my mind...with the wave of my finger. Pretty cool, huh?"

I nodded. The glass levitated back down onto the tabletop slowly. "I try not to show off my powers too much," he continued. "I can control them right now...but I have seen what can happen when someone cannot control their abilities. Their powers begin to eat at them, ultimately consuming their minds." I knew he was talking about sensitive subject, as he clenched his fist even harder. "Eventually deleting all the common sense they have," Harry continued. He glanced over at me. "That's what happened to my father."

Harry swiped his tongue across his lips. "I kinda feel like they make me seem like I'm way better than everyone else too," he continued. "And trust me, I'm not...without a doubt." He picked up his wine glass and took another sip. "If you want to know what I think," he added. "Being like this." I hated how he referred to himself as "this" like he's not a person. Like he doesn't belong. Like we don't belong. "Isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It's more of a sin than a blessing, you know?"

"Well, we will both just have to learn to live with it." His hand was now pressed onto the top of my thigh, causing my breath to hitch in my throat.

"Uhh, sorry," he quickly rushed out. He sniffled a little before smiling. "Is that enough for you?" he asked. "Or do you still want to play twenty questions?"

"That gave me nothing Styles," I said, grinning somewhat, twirling a small section of my hair around my finger. "Tell me about your family."

A wave of uneasiness washed over his face. He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Well, my mum is dead," he said hesitantly. "She died when I was about 5." A small frown spread across my lips, as I felt sad for Harry. His eyes no longer had that kinda gleam to them. They were glossy instead, and filled with pain. "Can't really remember all of the details from that day. But, her death was p-pretty ugly." He let out a shaky breath.

"You don't have to go into detail about it Harry," I said soothingly, my attention directed towards him. I really didn't want to make him reveal something so personal to me yet. He was physically shaking a little bit, his hands raking through his hair anxiously.

"N-No," he croaked out. "It's fine." But, it most definitely was not fine. His face was turning red. I could tell that he was holding back his tears. Drawing his lip into his mouth, he bit on it. Harry was almost over the edge right now. I could tell. "I need to do this. I haven't talked to anyone about her."

He still refused to look at me. I knew he didn't want me to see him in this state at all, let alone look him in the eyes and really see his pain. Trust me...I-I didn't want to either.

"I have no idea who killed her," he revealed, his eyes staring blankly into space. "No one does...as far as I know. I was just a little boy Liv," he said shakily. His eyes were turning red and began to fill with tears. "No one deserves to see their mom lying on the floor." He paused. And I knew that he was completely shattered now.

A single tear fell down his cheek. It happened in slow motion.

Oh God.

He quickly wiped the tear away with the back of his hand. I leaned towards him, wrapping my hand around his forearm. I halfway expected him to move away, or snatch his arm out of my grasp. But instead, he did the unexpected. He leaned into me.

"There was so much blood Liv," he trembled. "So much." He inhaled sharply, and let out a small breath. "It was all over me." I began to rub soothing patterns into his back, and his muscles flexed underneath my touch. "I remember screaming. Screaming for my dad to come and save her. Our housekeeper pulled me away from my mother, and my dad swooped down to pick her up. I expected him to look shocked...but he didn't. He looked vengeful more than anything."

A picture of a younger version of Harry filled my mind. Innocent green eyes. A baby face.

"I tried to ask him about more of the details later on in life. But, he refused to talk about it. He was very adamant on not talking about it." Harry was more composed now, still shaken up, but not as much. "My dad knows who killed my mom. But, he carried that information to the grave with him." Harry clenched his jaw. "Now I'll never know who murdered her."

Darkness filled his face, as I could tell that many thoughts were running across his mind. His lips were pursed, his hands balled into fists on his lap.

"I've never told anyone any of this before Liv." He sat up and turned to face me. "It's weird. Like we just met a few weeks ago, and I feel like I've known you for a long time."

Wow. What? The look in his eyes was letting me know that he was serious. "I trust you," he confessed.

I smiled hesitantly because I didn't know if this is something I should be genuinely happy about. Harry has a lot to him. He's like a broken mirror, just waiting to be fixed. He has such a backstory...so many things no one knows about him. So many things locked away...

Probably things that should remain locked away.

His lips pressed against the cold wine glass again, and he threw his head back to finish the small amount of wine left. "I think that's enough sharing tonight," he halfway smiled, wiping his lips with the palm of his hand. "We'll do some more show and tell later. But, are you hungry? You must be."

I shook my head. "I'm fine," I replied. Honestly, my rumbling stomach was disagreeing with me. But, I was more tired than anything. I could pass out any minute. "I actually want to go to bed now." Harry frowned. "Or I guess a quick nap since we'll be landing in a few hours."

I stood up quickly and Harry watched me as I did. "Oh," he sniffled. "Well...goodnight then." Then he pulled his smartphone out from his pocket, and started toying with it.

That's it?

I walked out of the room with a barely noticeable frown on my face. I pushed through the big, black double doors which led back to the room and I flicked on the light. The red bed was illuminated, still in the clean and neat state it was in earlier. I walked over to my bag and pulled out a white t-shirt with a pair of black joggers. After putting them on quickly, I plopped on the big bed. Pulling the sheets down on my side, I slipped underneath them.

You know, some people's lives are so interesting that you can't stay away from them. You can't wait to hear about more of their story...no matter how fucked up it is.

That's Harry for me. His mysterious life is enough to make a blind man go bat shit crazy. The public sees him as a billionaire corporate man. But, what's underneath all of that?

Probably someone completely different, that's for sure.

Minutes later, the darkness began to consume me as I laid motionless in the bed, letting my thoughts of Harry drift off as well...


Harry's POV

I told her a lot tonight. Things I haven't told anyone before. How could I let all of that just slip out so easily?

Well, because around her I think differently. I am different around her. She makes me feel like my life has a small amount of stability, when in reality it's a fucking mess. A hot fucking mess.

I scrolled through the contact list on my phone, eventually finding the name of an old friend. I've been in situations like this before, needing somewhere to escape to on such short notice.

This guy has always offered to help, but I've never taken him up on it. He's such a good friend of mine, that I don't want to put him in harm's way. But, since he lives unnoticed technically, I should be fine. Liv should be fine too. Hopefully.

I pressed the call button, pressing the phone to my ear. The sound of dial tones filled my ear a couple seconds later. Wi-Fi on planes works wonders, you know?

The line picked up. "Hello?" his thick Irish accent filled my ears.

"Hey, man." I raked my fingers through my hair before taking a small breath. "We should be there in a few hours."

"Christ!" he exclaimed. "I haven't talked to you in ages Harry." Honestly, I was glad that I was going to see him in person again. I haven't seen him in years.

I chuckled. "I know, I know. I just wanted to say thank you for this. I know that I'm asking for a lot on such a short notice."

"Hey," he laughed. "It's no problem. Anything for you, brother." I knew he was smiling on the other end of the phone. He's just one of those people who always loves to smile. He has a contagious smile. "How've you been, Harry?"

I sighed. How has my life been? "G-Good," I lied, rubbing my hand over my face. "Just a little chaotic at times."

"Don't lie to me Harry," he said. "You wouldn't be calling me or coming here if there wasn't something up. Shit must be really fucked up for you right now, huh?"

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I threw my legs over the other side of the couch, stretching out over the entire thing. "It's that obvious?" I questioned.

He didn't have to even answer that question, because both of us already knew the answer. My voice felt strained. There was no sense in hiding that I am stressed...anxious...terrified. I've tried so hard to keep myself off of their radar for so long. They promised if I never returned to London, they would leave me alone. That's the deal they made with my father before they killed him...

My hand gripped the phone angrily, and I heard it begin to snap in my hand. "Harry?"

I forgot he was even still on the phone with me as his voice filled my ears. "Sorry...I was u-um thinking."

"It's fine," he quickly responded. "I just need to know what you're getting me into, Harry."

I could hear the small hint of worry in his voice. I was basically mixing him into my problems now. This shit always happens. And one of us always loses.

"I'll let you know more of the details later, once we arrive at your house," I responded, trying to sound as reassuringly as possible. I can't have him bailing out on me now. "I'll fill you in on everything, Niall. I promise."

"Okay, Harry."

"Thanks for understanding, Niall."

He chuckled. "Yeah, yeah. See you when you get here, Harry."

And with that, the phone call ended with a click. I looked at the time at the top of my phone screen. I locked it back up before sighing.

We had about 5 hours left. God. But, at least we had a small layover in England.

I sat up on the couch and looked towards where Liv walked off to just minutes ago. I pushed through the black double door softly where I found Liv sound asleep on top of my bed. Her legs were curled to her chest, her blonde hair covering part of her face. I walked over to her. After pulling a strand of loose hair and placing it behind her ear, I couldn't help but admire how she looked right now.

She looked so peaceful. Angelic. Beautiful...

Her skin looked so soft. Flawless. I wanted to know what it would be like to kiss her skin. I wanted to know how it would feel to be consumed by her touch...

Every time I'm around her, I have to warn myself not to get too out of control. She's the only woman who has ever cared about my life...the only one who's cared to listen.

All the other women I've been with seem to just bitch and whine all the time. They are only with me so I can satisfy their needs...all of their needs.

I was tempted to lay down next to her, pull her body next to mine. But, I'm not going to. I saw the look of discomfort that was over her face when I told her we were sharing a bed. She wasn't directly saying 'no.' I could just tell..

I don't want to make her uncomfortable. I don't want to push her away. I just found her.

So with that, I pressed a single kiss to her temple. She shifted a little, before a small smile spread over her lips. My eyes lingered across her full lips, and I felt my desire for her begin to stir up in my body.


I quickly walked out of the room before I could do something else. Something reckless. Something I would regret.

I grabbed one of the pillows off one end of the sofa and threw it on the other side. I plumped down on the couch after fluffing the pillow.

This is what I get for being a gentleman, ha.

I threw my feet back up onto the couch before making myself more comfortable. Propping my head up with my arms, I sighed. It wouldn't hurt for me to sleep either now would it?

Liv's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, which immediately adjusted to the dim lighting in the room. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand, stretching briefly after doing so. Glancing to the side of me, I realized he wasn't there.

In fact, Harry didn't come and rest in here at all. I would have been able to tell. The other side of the bed was still perfectly made.

I sighed. Getting up out of the bed slowly, I smoothed out my clothes and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I picked up my phone which was lazily sprawled across the bed, and looked at the lock screen.

I only slept for 3 hours.

That's better than nothing I guess. I walked back out to the main cabin, expecting Harry to be sitting up...probably on the phone or something. Doing things that important people typically do.

But, I was surprised when I saw the exact opposite. I saw him, sprawled across the length of the couch. His curly locks were sprawled across his head, some of them sticking to his forehead. Soft snores were coming from his lips.

How can someone look attractive even when they are sleeping? Isn't that impossible?

But, Harry's not the ordinary person.

I walked over closer to him. As I observed him even more, I noticed that he began to fidget in his sleep. A look of discomfort spread across his face. His eyebrows were furrowed.

"Stop," he murmured. He began to toss and turn. "Stop, stop, stop." It was almost as if he was whining.

He was having a nightmare.

"Get away from her!" he said, significantly louder. He was almost yelling. "Please, please, please," he whimpered. "Stop."

I was already beside him when he said this, shaking his limp body. "Harry?" I said, somewhat loudly. "Wake up."

He still continued to move around in my grasp. "Please," he painfully whimpered. Oh God.


I was truly worried now. He wasn't waking up. He wasn't snapping out of whatever nightmare he was in. I took his large hand into mine and began to squeeze if comfortingly. "C'mon Harry," I cooed. "I-It's not real. It's not. Wake up."

His violent shuddering began to slowly subside. And then his eyes snapped open. He gratefully accepted the fresh air that flowed into his lungs. I cupped the side of his stubbled jawline with the side of my hand.

"You scared me there for a minute," I sighed in relief. Harry blinked a few times, as he observed the probably various number of emotions strewn across my face. "A-Are you okay?"

He swiped the sections of curls that were on his somewhat sweaty forehead away and sniffled. "I'm fine," he mumbled. I removed my hand away from his face quickly, when I realized how awkward that must've been for him. "Are you okay?" he asked me shakily, his eyes locked with my own.

I nodded. "You were having a nightmare," I informed him. "You were talking in your sleep Harry." I rested my elbows on my knees and leaned down a little. "Does that happen a lo-"

"Yes," he cut me off before taking a deep breath. "It happens a lot. Just depends."

The fact that he was shrugging it off like it was nothing was surprising to me. Having nightmares every night? That's abnormal.

I swallowed slowly. "Do they get any worse?" I asked curiously. "The nightmares?"

"I don't know." He sat up from the couch, and scooted over to make room for me. I sat down. "You're the first one to see me while I've had one."

My eyes widened. "W-What do you mean?" He raised his eyebrow. "Hasn't anyone ever heard you before? Like Maria or Ren?" He shook his head. "Or," I glanced down, "any other women you've been with?"

I didn't want to look up into his eyes. I already knew how he was staring at me. I'm pretty sure his jaw was clenched, his hands clasped together on his lap.

"Hey." He nudged my side softly with his elbow. "Don't be embarrassed. I should be the one who's embarrassed after all." I looked up. "Did I wake you up?"

I shook my head. "No, you didn't."

"Good," he replied, a small smile on his lips. "I've never really slept with anyone else before."


"That's just not really my style. I favor my privacy, Liv. I try to keep my life as private as possible."

I frowned. "So why did you say that we had to sleep in a bed together if that makes you feel uncomfortable?"

He analyzed my words and then placed his hand on top of mine, which was placed on my lap. "Because," he began. "Ever since I met you, I knew things were going to be different." He squeezed my hand tightly. "Things were not going to be very uniform with you." I looked up into his piercing green eyes. "We have a strong connection, Liv. And I know you feel it too. I don't know if it's because we are both Extras...but it's something much deeper than this." Harry grinned a little. "Something beyond our knowledge is happening between us."

I didn't even deny what he was saying because I felt it too. I wanted to know why this is happening. I wanted answers for everything...starting with why I was even an Extra in the first place.

I smiled at Harry and before he could even say anything, the pilot came through on the nearby speaker.

"Mr. Styles, we are about 15 minutes out from Dublin. You guys should put your seat belts on because we are going to hit a patch of turbulence on the way down."


"Okay, thanks James."

"No problem, Mr. Styles."

I looked over at Harry with fearful eyes. "What the hell is turbulence?" I raised my eyebrow and he laughed.

"Just expect the ride to be a little bit bumpy on the way down."

I scoffed. "Thanks for that great and wonderful description, Harry."

With that he signaled for me over to the few seats on the other side of the cabin. I sat down next to the window again and he fastened the seat belt around my waist. His fingers slowly brushed against my torso and my breath immediately hitched in my throat.

Dammit. He saw because a sly smirk appeared across his lips as he looked up at me. His green eyes filled with lust. A small groan rumbled deep in his chest.

He quickly pulled away, releasing a deep breath of air. His head was tilted up towards the ceiling. Harry closed his eyes briefly and opened them up again.

"God," he groaned. "I don't know how much longer I can wait..."

I glanced over at him curiously. "Wait for wh-"

The planed jumped a little, cutting me off. Bump after bump.

I closed my eyes as my stomach started feeling queasy. I felt like I was on a roller coaster with lots of bumps. As you can probably tell, I hate roller coasters. I hate them.

Harry grabbed my hands that were covering my face and he laced our fingers together. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the movement of the plane as much as I could. And a few minutes later, it stopped.

I felt the wheels of the plane hit the runway, and I opened my eyes.

"Welcome to Dublin, Mr. Styles," the pilot said over the speaker.

I gratefully took of my seat belt and began to stretch a little in my seat. "I'm alive!" I said to Harry, a large grin on my lips.

Harry laughed at me as he took his hand off of mine. The plane slowly came to a stop, and Harry was the first to stand up. "C'mon," he directed, "Wait here while I go and get our things."

A few moments later, Harry came back with both of our bags. I immediately realized that my bag is much larger than his. "You didn't really pack anything did you, Harry?" I asked while eyeing his bag.

He chuckled. "I've been in this situation a lot. I can always buy something if I need it."

"Mhmm," I rolled my eyes and he playfully shoved me a little. The entrance to the plane opened, revealing a set of stairs. I was the first to walk down them, and Harry followed.

Out in front of us was a black stretch limo and my eyes widened. "You sure like to ride in style Harry," I noted.

He chuckled. "I always aim to please Ms. Knight," he said as he opened the door for me. He shut the door behind me and I watched as he walked to the back side of the limo and tapped on the trunk. The limo driver in the front opened it for him by pressing a button, and he turned around and smiled.

"Ren?" I asked, a grin over my lips.

"Hello again, Ms. Knight."

He wasn't wearing a suit this time, but a light blue dress shirt with a navy blue tie. Ren looked very clean and fresh as his hair was sleeked back with some gel. Harry slammed the trunk shut before walking around, and opening the door next to me.

Harry smiled as he plopped down into the seat beside me, and shutting the door behind him. He looked up at the rear view mirror, where Ren was staring back at him.

"Take us to Mr. Horan's residence please," Harry ordered. Ren simply nodded before he fastened his seat belt and pressed his foot on the gas. The car started to move, and I looked over at Harry.

"Who's Mr. Horan?" I asked curiously.

"You'll see," he smiled, placing his hand over mine. "But, we have about an hour drive. So you can take a small nap. I'll be right here when you wake up."

I was still a bit tired. He didn't have to tell me twice.

I leaned my head back against the head rest in the backseat and I closed my eyes, trying to relax. But, I couldn't clear my mind. I was just thinking one thing...

What was going to happen next?

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