extras [h.s. love story/au]

23 year-old Liv Knight had everything taken away from her in the blink of an eye. Her parents are dead. Her brother is dead. She didn't have anyone. So she went to someone who could help her forget.

One day, she met a mysterious man who had left her speechless. He saw her for what she really was...and that's what scared her. Liv's fear of this man soon turned into something else though. She wanted answers and she would do anything to get them, even if it meant talking to him in person.

What she didn't know that this guy was special...a revolutionary human being like herself. His name was Harry Styles, the world's youngest and most powerful business guru. Just one encounter with him made Liv's life turn upside down even more. Who knew that getting answers would cause so many problems? Well, some things are better left buried and forgotten.


5. chapter 5

[a/n: sooo i've decided that emma roberts will play liv in this story! so check out the pic at the top! enjoy! xx]

Liv's POV

"Liv?" Harry chuckled, a small smile over his pink lips. "Is that short fo-"

"Olivia?" I asked. He nodded and I shook my head. "No," I scoffed. "It's just Liv. Not Olivia. I hate it when people assume my name is Olivia."

"Well," he snickered. "I like Olivia better."

"Too bad I don't give a shit about what you think my name should be," I hissed playfully. Harry put his hand up to his chest like my words hurt him. I smiled, and I punched him in the arm.

"Ow," he whined. I glared at him, and that only caused him to smirk.

We were on the second level of Harry's home now. The room he invited me in looked familiar. Everything was still intact, looking the exact same as it did a few weeks ago. The room was still dark, which shocked me a little bit. But, I eventually adjusted to the room.

Harry waved me over to where he was, standing near the empty fireplace. I walked over to him to see his arms folded over his chest again.

"It seems empty doesn't it?" he asked, his attention not directed towards me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Light it then?"

He closed his eyes, and his face relaxed. In the blink of an eye, a fire started. Harry turned to face me, a smirk on his lips. "How did you do that?" I asked, my eyes studying his face curiously.

He laughed. "Lots and lots of practice." His attention moved towards the nearby black leather couch. "C'mon," he said while motioning towards the couch. "Come and sit with me."

Harry strode towards the couch and I trailed behind him. He was the first to sit down, and I followed suit. "Are you ready to tell me about who you truly are now?" I asked daringly, my eyebrow raised.

He leaned a little bit forward, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. The change in our proximity made me want to move back a little, but I didn't. "After you tell me about your little secret," he whispered. He inched back a little, his eyes observing my expression.

"You like playing games don't you Styles?"

He chuckled. "That's my key to success Ms. Knight"--he smirked--"toying with people's emotions."

I rolled my eyes. "How cute." I watched as a satisfied grin spread over his lips. "What if I don't want to play this game?" I asked. Oh, how the tables have turned. I leaned closer to him, so close that his intoxicating cologne filled my nostrils. My heart jumped in my chest out of pure bliss.

Harry surprised me by leaning in even closer, our noses barely touching. Dear Lord. A wave of goosebumps spread across my skin. I swallowed the words that were struggling to come out of my mouth.

"I'm just like you," he said. A strand of his curly brown hair was in front of his face. He didn't seem to mind because a smile spread across his lips.

"An Extra."

Harry nodded in confirmation. He widened the gap between us by returning to his original position. I felt his eyes linger on my face, observing me.

I was speechless. More than speechless.

Don't just sit here like an idiot Liv! Say something!

No matter how much my conscience was screaming at me right now, I ignored it. I sat there. Completely dumbfounded.

My fingers raked through my hair. A few seconds later, a sigh of disbelief escaped my lips. I closed my eyes and placed my hands over my face.

Out of nowhere, I felt a single hand lay on my thigh. I removed my hands from my face to see Harry, his eyes filled with...worry? A slight amount of worry? Sympathy? A glint of happiness?

"I know," he said in exhaustion. He sighed as well. His fingers began to rub soothing patterns in my thigh. I believe he thought he was comforting me. But no. It was more distracting than anything...

"I thou-"

Harry cut me off. "You thought you were the only one?" he finished for me. I nodded my head and I still shook my head in disbelief. "Yeah," he sighed, his long and tattooed fingers running through his brown mop of hair. "Me too."

We sat there for a minute. Well I sat there for a minute. For all these years, I thought I was the only one of my kind. My race.

I thought I was all alone.

wasn't alone.

My eyes began to brim with tears as I became entranced by Harry's bright green eyes. His fingers were still rubbing soothing patterns on my thigh, and I quickly glanced down at his hand.

"Oh," he said, a nervous look on his face. "S-Sorry." He withdrew his hand from my thigh, the warmth from his hand immediately. I wiped my eyes with the backs of my hands. My hands became wet with the tears I was ruthlessly trying to hold back.

"Please don't cry," he cooed.

I covered my mouth with my hand. "I just can't believe it," I choked out, my voice filled with emotion. "I thought I was alone...all these years Harry." I've never been so happy to find out that something was a lie. "Are there more people like us Harry?"

He swallowed, a small grin on his lips. "Well," he said. "I don't know. I mean there has to be." He takes my hands and wraps his own around them. I look up into his green eyes. Those green eyes. "I mean, look at you and I," he smiled. "I never thought I would find another Extra. Ever."

Warmth was radiating throughout my body as Harry stared at me, his hands wrapped around mine. A grin was on his pink lips. His green eyes sparkled. H-He's perfect.

Get a grip Liv.

I slipped my hands out of his. His face filled with embarrassment, causing him to look the other way. Harry cleared his throat. "Well," he said, abruptly standing up. "It's getting late, and I have a busy day tomorrow." He was trying to avoid making eye contact with me. What did I do? "You know the way out right?" He took a quick glance at the expensive silver Rolex watch wrapped around his wrist.

"Uhh yeah," I mumbled. "Sure. I'll escort myself out." I raised up off the couch, fixing the wrinkles that were in my black t-shirt. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry quickly glance over at me. When I looked over at him, he spun around so that he was staring at the fire. His green eyes had a hint of orange in them now. The perfect combination of colors.

"Goodbye Harry," I said softly, a small grin over my lips. I wanted him to look over at me. Just one more time. Please.

He stepped closer to the fireplace, his eyes still locked on the bright orange dancing flames. "Ms. Knight," he responded, slightly nodding his head.

That's it?

He didn't even use my first name...

Sighing, I walked out the room. The silent room. Once I made it out of the room, I took the moment to take a deep breath.

You survived Liv.

I exhaled, only to shove my hands in the pockets of my jacket. I made it to the elevator where I pushed the down button. As I waited for the elevator, I reached for my phone in my pocket.

5 missed calls.

And guess who they were all from? The one and only Argent.

I growled in annoyance as I shoved the phone back into my pocket. The elevator dinged, signaling that it was hear. The doors glided open slowly. I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button which would take me to the main floor. I leaned up against the wall of the elevator, waiting for the doors to automatically shut.

My eyes wondered over to the room I just exited. The one where Harry still was. Part of my mind envisioned him running out again, trying to stop the elevator. And the other part of me was disappointed when the doors began to shut, an empty doorway the only thing I could see. The curly haired man was nowhere to be seen...

3 dings later and I was back to the main level of Harry's home. I stepped out of the elevator, only to walk down the lengthy hallway again. At the end of the hallway, I saw Ren standing. He changed his clothes. A dark black cashmere sweater clothed his muscular upper body, while a pair of jeans covered his legs.

"Nice," I said, flashing him a small smile.

He smirked. "Do you need a ride home Ms. Knight?"

"Of course, since you and Ms. Bitch kidnapped me remember?" His eyes widened at the Ms. Bitch part. "And don't call me Ms. Knight. It makes me feel old," I said, my face filled with disgust. "Liv is just fine," I laughed.

Ren nodded his head. He signaled towards the doorway and I headed that direction. "Who's Ms. Bitch?" he laughed from behind. "Maria?"

I scoffed when her name left his mouth.

"Yeah," he sighed. "She can be kind of-"

"A bitch?"

"Protective," he corrected wittily. "She's been an employee here for a while now."

I rolled my eyes. "And how long have you been working here Ren?"

"3 months."

"Aww," I cooed. "Someone's a newbie."

"Newbie?" he mocked. "More like an oldie. Working for Mr. Styles can be a pain in th-"


"Those aren't the words I would use," he laughed. He walked up from behind me so that he was standing right beside me now. "Because I might get fired if he ever heard me say that," he whispered.

We were now making our way back towards the black SUV that was parked in Harry's driveway. Ren pulled the car keys out of his pocket and unlocked the vehicle. While he walked over to the driver's side, I opened the door to the opposite side. I slid into the vehicle, fastening my seat belt soon after. Ren shut the door behind him and started the car.

"Tell me more about Mr. Styles."

Ren was in the process of fastening his seat belt and he stopped midway. His brown eyes met mine, and he finished fastening his seat belt. One of his brown eyebrows were raised at me, his lips forming the perfect smirk.

"You're trying to get me fired aren't you?"

"No," I laughed. "I'm just curious. He did arrange all of this to happen," I said while waving my finger around the car, "just to meet me."

Ren removed his attention from me and began to back the car up out of the driveway. The radio was off, causing an eerie silence to fill the car.

"There is one thing you need to know."


"Well, what?" I asked. Ren chuckled to himself before sighing.

"Mr. Styles is a very persistent man," Ren said, his eyes glued on the busy streets of Mahattan. There are so many cars out right now. "And once you're on his radar," he smiled. "There's no way to get off of it."

I swallowed. He laughed.

"So congratulations Liv," he said wittily. "You are on Harry Styles's radar." His fingers began to tap on the steering wheel. "And he's not letting go of you for a long time."

"I-Is that a bad thing?" I said as calm and collected as I could. My heart was racing. "Or a good thing?"

Ren looked over at me once again, the city lights illuminating his brown eyes. "You'll see."

His vague words left me unsettled. I was jittery now. Ren's words seemed more negative and dreary than I expected them to be. What do I not know about Harry Styles that I need to know? He has secrets. Everyone has secrets.

You don't need to get your hands dirty with this man Liv. You just met. Leave it alone.

I sighed. I leaned my head on the cold glass of the car window. Pulling my jacket closer to my body, I remembered that Ardent had called. 3 times. In a row.

I'll call him later.

My eyes became heavy, warmth spreading across my body. I closed my eyes, just simply resting. But then the darkness slowly wrapped around me, holding me in a comforting embrace.

One thought was on my mind as I slipped into a deep slumber though.

The mysterious business man himself, Harry Styles.

Damn him.

I don't think I'll be able to stay away from him...

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