extras [h.s. love story/au]

23 year-old Liv Knight had everything taken away from her in the blink of an eye. Her parents are dead. Her brother is dead. She didn't have anyone. So she went to someone who could help her forget.

One day, she met a mysterious man who had left her speechless. He saw her for what she really was...and that's what scared her. Liv's fear of this man soon turned into something else though. She wanted answers and she would do anything to get them, even if it meant talking to him in person.

What she didn't know that this guy was special...a revolutionary human being like herself. His name was Harry Styles, the world's youngest and most powerful business guru. Just one encounter with him made Liv's life turn upside down even more. Who knew that getting answers would cause so many problems? Well, some things are better left buried and forgotten.


3. chapter 3

Harry's POV

"Maria!" I yelled from my bedroom. God, my head hurts. I sat up in bed, the tops of the sheets falling down to only allow the cool air of my room hit me directly in the chest. My temples began to throb and I began to massage them with the tips of my fingers.


"Yes, Mr. Styles?"

In came my secretary Maria, her black hair in a high bun and a pair of thin black glasses framing her green eyes. I rubbed my face with the palms of my hands, and I quickly wiped my eyes.

"Bring me some aspirin. Now," I mumbled, my teeth gritted together as another wave of pain shot throughout my skull.

I had a little bit too much to drink last night.

Well, the last couple of nights actually.

Maria quickly scurried out of the room, only to return a few seconds later with a glass of water in one hand, 2 pills in the other.

I gratefully accepted both things from her, and she watched as I swallowed each of the aspirin down my throat. I set the glass cup down on a nearby nightstand and I began to stand up. Maria turned the other way, and I watched as she shifted uncomfortably.

"Is there anything else you need Mr. Styles?"

I didn't know why she was facing the other way when I was wearing a pair of boxers. But, Maria has always respected my privacy. That explains why she is my most valued employee, and she's not worthless like the others.

"Cancel all of my meetings this morning," I groaned while stretching. My muscles were screaming, and so was pretty much every other part of my body. "I feel like a piece of shit." I saw Maria draw out her phone, only to jot down everything that I had said. "You know what? Scratch that. Just cancel everything," I laughed carelessly while rolling my eyes.

A day's worth of pay, gone with the tap of a finger.

"Sir?" Maria's eyes met mine and she offered me a soft smile. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Are you questioning my judgment?" She gulped slowly, her eyes nervously set on my face.

"N-No sir," she stuttered uncontrollably. "Of course not."

A smirk spread across my lips as she quickly averted her gaze from mine. "Good."

A few seconds later, she put her phone away in the pocket of her black blazer. "Your meetings are all canceled sir," she politely informed.


"Just great? I just fucking canceled all of you meetings today in under 30 seconds, and all I get is a "great"?"

Maria's thoughts filled my mind, and I ignored them. I turned back around to my closet, and began to go through it. I could already picture a deep scowl on Maria's face. I've heard worse from many of my personal assistants before, trust me...

"Do you need anything else sir?"

I continued to rummage through my closet, and I pulled out a black t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. I placed the articles of clothing on my unmade bed, and I felt Maria's eyes on me as she awaited my response. I shook my head before I raked my fingers through my brown and unruly hair. "Uhh...no," I replied. "You may leave."

She slightly nodded her head before scurrying out of the room, the door shutting behind her. After she left, I slid a black t-shirt on and put on the pair of jeans. Walking past the mirror planted on the nearby wall, I noticed the dark bags underneath my eyes. I stopped dead in my tracks, and I walked over to the mirror.

What the fuck is going on?

Honestly, I looked like I'd been through hell and back. I have to admit that I haven't been getting that much sleep in the past few weeks...but that's normal...for me at least.

I placed my hands on the top of my dresser before taking a deep breath and closing my eyes. I tried to shut everything out around me. Then I saw her.

Her. Her. Her.

She was in front of me again, blonde hair and all. Her shiny blonde hair was swept to one side, her green eyes staring into mine as if I was a ghost or something. She was wearing a black pair of leggings, which showed off all of her flawless curves. A pair of black combat boots were on her feet, and a leather jacket was covering her upper body.

I couldn't hear her thoughts as I stared into her golden eyes. The connection wasn't there. I could usually hear every human's thoughts effortlessly...which meant that something was off.

Either I was losing it, or she wasn't a human. I sure as hell knew I wasn't losing it...

She was an Extra.

I've heard all the myths in the world before about there being other Extras out there. My father used to preach to me that me and him were the only Extras out in the world. I tried to look for others of our kind once...but my father told me to stop looking.

"Boy," he said, his hand placed on my shoulder. "Some things are better left buried and forgotten."

I didn't know whether to listen to him or not at the time. But I wish I did.

I kept on searching, looking for someone like me. I wanted to talk to someone who could truly understand what I was going through. I got a few leads...which lead to nothing.

But, one day I got answers...for free.

However, nothing in life is free.

Absolutely nothing.

I payed the price. Everything was taken away from me. My sanity, my entire life was just flushed down the toilet.

So, that's why I went to New York, the city of dreams. I couldn't stay in England. It was just a constant reminder of everything that happened.

New York has given me the chance to start over. I've been able to put my past behind me, and forget about my dad, my (old) life, just everything.

But this girl, she could put an end to everything.

She had to have been sent by someone. How could she have just shown up into my house like that? Unless this girl was much more powerful than she looked.

I walked out my bedroom and into the nearby hallway. A spiral staircase lead to the main level of my house where my office is located.

After sitting down in my leather office chair, I placed my feet on the top of my wooden desk. I picked up the silver laptop that was neatly placed on my desk and I turned it on. The first thing that popped up was the live security footage from the various cameras located around my home.

It still has to be here.

I found the footage streaming right now from my office and I clicked on it. A few seconds later, I was rewinding the tape.

"C'mon. C'mon," I mumbled.

I watched as various images flashed across the screen, people walking in and out of my office.

Suits, suits, and more suits.

My eyes moved rapidly across the screen as I watched the tape rewind in fast motion. Day after day flashed before my eyes, and I rubbed my eyes with the palm of my hand.

Once I looked back up at my computer, her blonde hair caught my eye. My finger tapped on the pause button and the film froze.

My lips parted slightly as I zoomed in on her face as best as I could. Green eyes, a fresh face. That's what I saw. But in her eyes I saw somthing else-a secret.

"Who are you?" I whispered softly, my eyes still focused on the screen. My hand ran across my slightly stubbled jaw. "Maria!" I yelled again. My fingers began to tap across the keyboard, my jaw set as I observed the girl even more.

I heard Maria's high heels tapping across the marble floor of the main level.

Click after fucking click.

"Yes Mr. Styles?" A rosy color was on her cheeks, her hair disheveled.

"Call Jones," I demanded as I pointed at the video on my laptop screen. "I have someone that is of great interest to me," my eyes quickly averted back to the screen, "and I need him to find her."

"I'll call him right away, sir."

I nodded and then she was gone again. I set the laptop on top of my desk and I leaned forward so that all my weight was resting on my elbow, my hand cupping my jaw.

Another Extra?

Another Extra.

I leaned back in my chair and tilted my chin up so that I was looking at the ceiling. There's another person in the world...like me.

I let that thought linger throughout my mind, and I find the corners of my mouth pulling up into a smile. A small smile.


Liv's POV

I sat on the couch of my apartment, a bowl of cereal and milk in my lap. I picked up the spoon, and scooped a spoonful of cereal into my mouth.

Damn, this shit was good.

The magazine with Harry Styles on it was neatly placed beside me.

It's been 2 days.

2 days since I discovered who he was.

No, I hadn't tried to contact him (despite my urge to pick up my phone and call him). It's for the best.

Is that the kind of bullshit you're going to feed yourself today Liv?

Yes, it is. I think the world would be a better place if we just stayed in our seperate worlds. He's a world renowned businessman, while I'm just a 23 year-old girl who does nothing but sit in her apartment all day.

Yeah. Our worlds are definitely not meant to mix at all.

As I was about to scoop another spoonful of cereal into my mouth, I hear a couple loud knocks on my door.

I quickly placed down my bowl on the table and stand up. It's probably just the lanlord.

"I'm coming!" I yelled as I dashed into my room to grab my wallet.

The knocks continued and that just made me become even more irritated and annoyed. My hand twisted the lock on more door, quickly unlocking it. Before I even had the chance to open the door, it swung open and the door grazed the tip of my nose.

"What the fuck?"

I looked to see who was in the doorway, and I didn't see my old and grump landlord. In front of me was a man and a woman, all dressed in business attire. The fair skinned woman was wearing a sleek black pencil skirt, which grazed the tops of her knees. A white blouse with a black blazer covered her upper body.

"Liv Knight?" she asked, her eyebrow slightly raised. Somewhat thick, black glasses framed her eyes. She moved a piece of her black hair which was in her face, and placed it behind her ear.

"Uh," I said, my eyebrow arched. "Who the hell are you?"

"Are you Liv Knight?" the man beside her asked again, but impatiently. He had an olive-like complexion, a black suit covering his muscular figure. A pair of sunglasses were covering his eyes.


I watched as the man angrily clenched his jaw, his fists balled up near his sides. "Enough of her games Maria," the man grumbled to his associate. "Let's just take her to Mr. Styles."

Mr. Styles?

"Harry Styles?" I asked. "A-Are you here because he sent you?"

They both nodded their heads.

H-He found me.

"He would like to speak with you Ms. Knight," the woman notified. She noticed the look of confusion strewn across my face, and she offered a small smile. "I assure you that everything will be okay. Just come with us."

I bit my lip. I was finally getting the opportunity I wanted: the chance to sit down and talk with the mysterious man who I cannot stop thinking about. But, something felt off...and weird.

You need to take a leap of faith here Liv.

"Fine," I sighed, a subtle smirk on my face. I put my hands up in the air in surrender. "Take me away."

I took the first step out of apartment, and shut the door behind me. The sound of the lock clicking made a wave of uneasiness wash over me.

I turned back around, only to find the man and woman staring at me precariously. They watched my every movement as I walked down the stairs which led to my apartment.

"Please, please, please," I muttered underneath my breath. I was just praying that I wasn't walking into something.

Something that I wouldn't be able to get out of.

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