extras [h.s. love story/au]

23 year-old Liv Knight had everything taken away from her in the blink of an eye. Her parents are dead. Her brother is dead. She didn't have anyone. So she went to someone who could help her forget.

One day, she met a mysterious man who had left her speechless. He saw her for what she really was...and that's what scared her. Liv's fear of this man soon turned into something else though. She wanted answers and she would do anything to get them, even if it meant talking to him in person.

What she didn't know that this guy was special...a revolutionary human being like herself. His name was Harry Styles, the world's youngest and most powerful business guru. Just one encounter with him made Liv's life turn upside down even more. Who knew that getting answers would cause so many problems? Well, some things are better left buried and forgotten.


12. chapter 12

Liv's POV
  My eyes snapped open, only to be blinded by the sunlight peering in from the curtains on the window. I looked over to Harry, who was sound asleep beside me. Small snores were escaping his lips.
  His long brown curls were sprawled messily around his head. His pink lips slightly puffy.  God, I could get used to this.
  Our legs were intertwined with one another's, his arm wrapped protectively across my waist. Harry had me pressed to his bare and tattooed chest. I had nothing on but one of his oversized t-shirts he gave me.
  Nothing happened last night. There was no need for us to talk...
  I just wanted to let Harry know that I was there for him if he needed me. However, my curiosity was still there. I wanted to know what him and Mr. Horan talked about. But, that will come in time...whenever Harry is ready to talk about it.
  I shifted a little in Harry's arms, causing him to stir in his sleep. But, he also managed to pull me closer to his chest ( if that is even possible at all).
  " Harry," I breathed out. "I can't breathe."
  Harry let out a deep breath and he chuckled with his eyes still closed. "Good."
  I scoffed playfully before rolling my eyes. "Well, if I die Styles it's your fault."
  He shrugged his shoulders before nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck. "Good morning," he smiled, while pressing his warm lips against the base of my neck. A tingling sensation spread throughout my body.
  "Good morning to you too," I croaked out, my voice a little groggy from just waking up. "How are you feeling?" I could feel the tip of his nose on my neck as he pressed another kiss to my throat. "Better, I'm guessing?"
  He let out a deep chuckle against my skin. "Is it that obvious?" he asked.
  I laughed. "Yes." I turned around to face him and I peered into his emerald green eyes. There was a lively beam to his eyes today...like how they normally are. He's back. "Any nightmares last night?"
  "No. Not from what I can remember," Harry responded. "I think you kept them away, Liv."
  He raised two of his fingers up, only to tug on my bottom lip which I was currently bitting on. "I've noticed that you do that when you're nervous, Liv. Why are you nervous right now?"
  I swallowed a little. "I-I'm not nervous."
  Harry rolled his eyes. "I know when you're lying to me, Liv," he added on a serious note. "You are a very readable person."
  Damn you, Liv.
  "I don't know," I replied honestly. I could feel his eyes staring at me. "It's just that whenever I'm around you I feel like an idiot." Harry raised his eyebrow. "Not an  idiot...but my mind becomes buzzed. Blurry. Mixed up."
  A delicious smirk spread across Harry's lips. "I'm going to take that as a compliment," he said in such a husky tone that I felt my heart drop in my chest. "I like to think that I have that effect on everyone..."
  I glanced up at him and let out a frustrated sigh.  What is he doing to me?
  "Of course you do, Harry. You're Harry Styles. Everyone knows about you. You're important to everyone..."
  "And what's that supposed to mean?"
  I shifted a little in the bed and rested my head against his chest.
  It means that you're important and the world knows you exist. You aren't a nobody (like me).
  What I wanted to say didn't even have the chance to leave my mouth. Instead, I spit out a cover up.
  Harry's mouth opened and closed as if he wanted to say something, but he bit his tongue. I looked down bashfully.
  His fingers began to rake through my wavy dirty blonde hair and I could hear his heart beating through his chest. An exhausted sigh escaped his lips.
  "I want to tell you more about myself."
  My eyes widened as soon as those words left his mouth. His large hand was placed against my left shoulder blade now, his calloused fingers across my skin.
  I didn't say anything. I just nodded.
  "I grew up in London my entire life. My mother, father, and I lived in a small loft on the outskirts of town. Nothing too extravagant." His finger began to twirl my hair. "I was the happiest kid on the planet, Liv. All I worried about was the next time I would be able to do something. Something adventurous," he said desperately. I could hear the child part of him crumbling inside, striving to come out.
  "After my mother died, things weren't the same. My father and I grew further apart. We rarely talked to each other." Harry stared into blank space as he continued to reminisce. "I never asked him for anything again. I was technically forced to take care of myself starting at a young age. My father began to take my mother's death out on himself."
  His tongue swiped across his lips. "He used to stay out all night at bars and clubs. He would drink himself to death, and a stranger would drop him off on the porch of our house. I would wake up some mornings, only to see my father drunk off his ass, asleep on the porch." "I shouldn't have had to witness that L-Liv," he stuttered. "I was just a kid. A kid who wanted to be loved by his father..."
  Oh God. I felt my eyes fill with tears as Harry cheeks turned a light red. I cannot even imagine what he had to go through... innocent little Harry. "But, sometimes we don't get what we deserve in life. And that's why I fucking hate life sometimes. It's always biting me in the ass it seems like."
  "I think all of us feel like that in some point in our lives," I responded to Harry, my fingers twining up with his. I felt the cold metal of his rings come in contact with my skin. "We just have to find a way to overcome all of this shit."
  A sigh escaped Harry's lips. "You never fail to amaze me, Liv." I looked up at him and cocked my eyebrow.
  "What do you mean?"
  "I mean...," he trailed off. "How can you stay so... optimistic after everything that has happened?"
  My eyes widened a little. "I haven't always been as optimistic, Harry," I said on a serious note. "But, I know that my mom, dad, and brother would want me to continue living my life even if they aren't here. They always wanted what was best for me. So, now I'm trying to find my eternal source of happiness."
  "That's very deep and hippie-ish of you."
  " Hippie-ish?"
  Harry laughed. " Yes, hippie-ish. But you're my hippie," he added while pressing a kiss to my temple and raking his fingers through my hair. "Tell me about your family, Liv," he smiled. "Tell me more about yourself. Just anything. Help lighten the mood a little bit."
  I smiled to myself. "Well, I think you would have loved my mom. She was one of those people who didn't take shit from anybody. But, she was the kindest and sweetest person you would ever meet." A big grin spread across my lips as I thought about my mother. "And oh she was definitely a jokester."
  "A jokester? I don't think I would like her then, Liv. I'm a serious man."
  "Bullshit," I laughed at him before swatting him in the chest. "She liked to bake too."
  "Now that's my kind of woman." I could feel a grin spread across his lips as they were still on my temple.
  " You bake?"
  "Why do you sound so surprised?" He gasped. "I'm hurt."
  "Shut up," I told him playfully. "I don't know, Harry. You just don't seem like the kind of guy that would bake things."
  He sneered at me playfully. "Don't assume anything, Liv," he said. "Just because I don't wear shirts that say "I love to bake" on them doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it. "
  I rolled my eyes. "Such a drama queen," I muttered underneath my breath.
  "As a matter of fact, I love to bake. I did some baking during my spare time back in New York."
  "Is baking some kinda therapeutic thing for you?"
  "I guess you could say that," he smiled.
  " Freak."
  A smirk spread across his lips. "Oohh a  freak."
  My eyes widened as I figured out what he was referring to. "Not that way, you horny little shit."
  Harry chuckled as he pulled me closer to his chest. "Continue, Olivia."
  I sighed. "Well, my dad would have been having a heart attack about you right now. He hates, I mean seriously HATES tattoos."
  "Really?" Harry gasped. "Your father has no taste then, no offense."
  "None taken," I laughed. "Personally, I love tattoos. Especially yours."
  My finger slid across the two birds tattooed across his collarbone, and he shivered. "So if I got you're name tattooed on my ass, what would he say?"
  I burst out into a fit of laughter. "Your ass?  Seriously?"
  Harry shrugged his shoulder, a cheeky grin across hus lips. "I mean I could have said my di-"
  I almost choked. "Woah, woah, woah," I said, putting my finger up to his lips. "No dirty language," I smiled. "But, if you got my name tattooed anywhere on your body, he would probably flip over in his grave."
  Harry chuckled at that. "I would love to see that, Olivia."
  "I bet you would."
  "I would actually pay to see that," he smiled and I rolled my eyes. "Your father was an Extra, correct?"
  "Yes, he was."
  "What was his name?"
  "Allan Knight," I responded. "Why?"
  He pursed his lips in concentration. "That name sounds familiar."
  "Probably. It's a common name, I guess."
  He shrugged his shoulder a little. "You know what, Olivia? I could lay in this bed all day with you," Harry said, burrying his head into the crook of my neck. "You complete me."
  I scoffed. "How cliche of you, Styles."
  "I try, I try," he grinned and I rolled my eyes.
  A yawn escaped my lips and I wiggled myself out of Harry's arms.
  "Where are you going babe?" Harry whined. I looked over at him, only to see him pouting at me.
  "Don't pout. You're way too beautiful for that."
  Harry narrowed his eyes. "Don't use my words on me!"
  "Just did," I said while sticking my tongue out. I raised up out of the bed, and did a little stretch.
  "Have I ever told you that you have a cute ass?"
  I quickly turned around to look Harry in the eyes, and I scoffed at him. I coughed a little to hide the lump that just formed in my throat. "N-No, you haven't. I don't think anyone has told me that before in my life."
  "Well, they aren't truly living their life then."
  He's comparing my ass to life itself. Okayyyyy then.
  I walked towards the door before he could say anything else. "Go take a cold shower, okay," I smirked at him before walking out of the door.
  Take that.
  Harry's POV
  I watched as she scurried her and hed cute little ass out of the room. She's right. I do need a cold shower.
  I pulled the sheets up over my waist and got up from the bed with them. I walked over to my bag and pulled out a fresh black t-shirt. After pulling it over my head and over my torso, I grabbed a pair of shorts out of my bag as well.
  I didn't tell her anything. Anything about what Bobby and I talked about. I honestly don't even want to talk about it...or even think about it. But, it's all I've been thinking about.
  I thought my dad had committed suicide to get away from me. But, he handed himself over to the Enforcers to protect me.
  All these years, I thought my father hated me.
  But, he loved me.  He loved me. He never dared to say it though...and I guess I'll never get to hear him say it now.
  So many questions are still running through my mind, especially about Bobby. Why did he decide to tell me all of this shit now? Is he trying to hint at something?
  And I wanted to know why he just zoned out near the end of our coversation. I'm not the only offspring of two Extras that has existed apparently. And, there are some that currently exist according to Bobby.
  What would happen if I found someone with the same capabilities as me? I don't even know. All hell would probably break lose. I opened the door to exit the room, when I was met by Niall standing in the doorway. His eyes met mine and he immediately smirked.

"Someone had an amazing night didn't they?" he joked.
  "Shut up," I grumbled at him. "Mind your damn business."
  Niall put his hand up to his chest and winced. "Ouch, H. That hurt."
  "Good," I said while giving him a fake smile and walking past him.
  "Why do you have the sheet attatched to you, Styles?" he laughed. "Building a tent are we?"
  I made it to the end of the hallway before he could say anything else, and I slammed he door shut. I let that sheets wrapped around my lower body drop to the ground, leaving me in only my boxers.
  Maybe, I should lock the door too. Just to be safe.
  Niall is one of those guys who would barge into the bathroom while I'm taking a shower and rip the curtain down.
  Trust me. He's done it before.
  I rolled my eyes as I thought about him actually doing that again.  What a dork.
  I turned on the shower, and made sure that the water was extra hot. I needed a chance to burn all of these thoughts down the drain. I needed to relax...
  Stepping into the shower, the hot water immediately hit my skin. My thoughts began to slide down the drain. I leaned up against the tile wall of the shower and closed my eyes.
  Harry, what are you going to do? You can't stay here forever.
  I know that. I just need some time to get everything together. I don't know what I'm going to do yet.
  After scrubbing my body with some musky scented soap, I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Immediately wrapping the nearby white towel around my waist, I caught a glimpse of myself in the nearby mirror.
  I took a step closer. My eyes were slightly red. I looked like I haven't slept in days...maybe even years. Subtle rings were around my eyes.
  Just look at you, Harry. What's going on?
  I don't know to be honest. But, I'll figure out a way to fix all of this, somehow.  I promise.
  Sighing, I opened up the bathroom door, only to be met by a cold breeze. And a pair of cool blue eyes.
  "Get some clothes on," Bobby demanded while making eye contact with me. "I need to show you something." And with that he walked off, without saying another word. ~ I walked down the wooden stairs, only to make it to the main floor. There was Bobby, waiting for me at the door. "C'mon," he said while waving me over. "This shouldn't take that long."
  He scanned me up and down as he realized I was wearing a light blue t-shirt with a pair of navy blue basketball shorts.
  He chuckled to himself, and opened up the door. Once I stepped outside, the sunlight blinded me temporarily, causing me to shield myself from it with my hand.
  I followed Bobby to his garage where there were two black SUV's parked in front of us.
  "These are like your cars, eh?" Bobby asked while unlocking the car and hopping into the driver's seat. "Sorry that I don't have a fancy little driver driving us around."
  I hopped into the passenger seat and shut the door behind me. I glared over at Bobby. "You should try getting one, Bobby. Ren is a great employee of mine."
  Ren could have actually driven us around right now. But, I told him to take some time off. I don't know when...or  if I'll need him around again.
  A courteous smile spread across his lips. "Thanks, but no thanks. I would like to live as much of a normal life as possible."
  I rolled my eyes. "Well, good luck with that considering that you're an Extra too."
  Then there was nothing but silence. Bobby started the car and began to drive down his lengthy driveway. I could hear the tires running across the gravelly road.
  "So, how have you been Bobby?"
  He pursed his lips in concentration. "Small talk, huh?"
  I raised my eyebrow. "Yes," I breathed.  I'm just trying here, sue me. "How have you been."
  "Never better," he grimaced as his eyes stayed locked on the road ahead of us. "Taking care of this family has been hard since Maura died..."


I frowned. "I'm so sorry, Bobby. I know losing Maura was the hardest thing you've ever been through."
  Sniffling, he let out a hefty sigh. "But, worse things could have happened, Harry."
  I didn't know how to respond. So, I just nodded my head slowly, before turning a little to look out the window.
  "But, at least I still have my boys to keep me company. I don't know what I would do without them..."
  I remember riding up and down these country roads with my dad all the time as a child. Niall's place was my second home pretty much. Except, whenever I came here I felt different. I felt like I could finally breathe again, and just forget all the bad shit that has happened in my life for a second.
  Bobby's thumbs begin to tap on the steering wheel, as his lips form a straight line. "Where are we going, Bobby?" I asked as we turned down a street I have never seen before.
  "There's so many things you don't know about, Harry," he breathed out. "I'm trying to let you get some answers."
  Curiosity bubbled up inside of me.  Answers. I might finally get what I've been looking for all these years.
  "But, I'm going to need you to just sit back and relax for a few more minutes Harry," Bobby asked politely. We began to drive through a narrow winding road. "We'll be there soon."
  I nodded before relaxing a little in my seat and closing my eyes. Who am I going to meet at this place? Someone who knows my father? Someone who can explain everything to me?
  My entire life has been filled with gaps here and there. It's almost as if someone doesn't want me to know  everything...
  The car came to a rolling stop. My eyes snapped open and I looked out the window. A small brown house was placed in the middle of the set of trees around us. The house was made out of brick, while looking relatively old. Bobby stopped the car and put it in park. Hopping out of the car, he motioned for me to get out as well.
  As soon as my feet hit the gravel covered ground, I knew something was off.  Something wasn't right.
  Before I could even say anything, Bobby's arm wrapped snuggly around my wrist. "Ignore it," he murmured underneath his breath. "Everything is fine."
  My body tensed up at the sound of his words. I couldn't even protest his words because they wouldn't come out. I tried, but nothing was coming out.
  I couldn't speak.
  I tried to wiggle out of Bobby's grasp. I started to panic, kicking and moving. His arms wrapped around me tightly.
  I was under a spellI couldn't breathe.
  "Callah," I heard him yell through his clenched teeth. "You can come out now! You're scaring him!" His voice was hoarse, so it cracked. "That's enough! You know it's just us."
  My nerves were going haywire as I continued to panic. I could feel my pulse racing underneath my skin. My breathing becoming heavy and labored. I closed my eyes for a second, wishing that these sensations would leave me. And then just like that...the feeling was gone.
  Air gratefully filled my lungs as I took in a sharp breath. "What the fuck was th-"
  Suddenly, my gaze averted to the doorway of the house where the door was now open. I gazed in the doorway, where I was met with a pair of deep brown eyes. The person took a step forward.
  "Callah," Bobby spoke before glancing over at me. "This is Harry. Harry Styles." He hesitated a little before clearing his throat. "And Harry," he sighed. "This is Callah Abernathy."
  I wiped sweat away from my brow. The girl took another step forward, allowing the sunlight peering through the trees surrounding us to illuminate a side of her face. Her olive skin flawlessly glowed in the sun, her brown eyes now even brighter. But, there was something hidden behind those eyes...something dark.
  "Why the fuck did you bring me here Greg?" I snapped at him between my teeth while glaring at him. I was still jittery from what just happened months ago.
  "He brought you here because I can help you get answers, Harry."
  My eyebrow rose as the girl decided to speak. I pursed my lips. " Bullshit. You don't even know me."
  "I know all that I need to know," she retorted calmly, her arms folded across her chest. Her face remained relaxed as she looked me up and down.
  "And how is that?"
  A perfect smirk spread across her lips. "Because I'm a  witch, Harry. I know more than you think I do. "
  And with that, Callah walked back into her home and shut the door behind her.
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