P.S: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the results of my imagination or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events/ locales/ persons- living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



(Karan is inside his SUV. He is preparing to leave. Vicky has followed him to the gate)

Vicky: Hey Karan! Stop! You have been a teetotaler till now. You won’t be able to drive. Come with me I have a driver.

Karan(angrily): You mind your own business. Get lost.

(Karan starts his car. He leaves. A policeman notices that he is drunk. Follows him on his bike)

Policeman: Stop! You will land in trouble (overtakes him, Karan doesn’t stop. He runs him down. The policeman is dead)

Karan (to himself): Oh God! What have I done? (He turns back to look at the body of the policeman without stopping the car and runs down a pedestrian. He carries on without stopping)

Karan (to himself): Oh My God! I have killed two people.

(Two police vans overtake him. He is forced to stop. Karan is arrested)
(The narrator enters)

Narrator- Karan was a teetotaler till he turned 26. As I told you, he found it hard to accept defeats. I won’t say that drinking is a sin but driving after drinking is. All Karan wanted in life was to earn money to help others. He ended up killing two people. Drunken driving ruined his life. He was sentenced to life-imprisonment.

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