My P.E. Teacher

High school. I hate it. Not because I'm bullied or anything. It's just the fact that it's school. But after the holiday we get a new teacher...


9. Chapter 9.



The next morning I wake up from my alarm again. I grab my phone and turn off the alarm very quickly. I crawl back into the covers and cuddle my pillow. Wait, what? I don't remember going to bed last night. And I don't remember Liam leaving. What the hell happened last night. I stand up from my bed. Just then I notice a piece of paper on the bedside table.

Hi Lilly,

You fell asleep last night on the couch, in my arms. I watched another movie and then it was time for me to go. You hadn't woken up, so I brought you to bed. I wrote you this note so I hope you're not freaking out right now. I hope you don't mind that I put you to bed. See you on Friday :)


The next thing I look at is my clothes. I'm still wearing them. Good. He didn't see me in my underwear without me approving. I appreciate that. It means he has respect. I think it's very important for a boy to have respect for a girl. I decide to take a quick shower. I strip down and walk into the shower. I wash and dry myself off and then I put a towel around my body. I quickly grab ripped skinny jeans and a tank top form my cupboard and put the clothes on. I slip into my TOMS and grab the books I need today: French, Dutch and Maths. Two subjects I'm pretty good at and then Maths. I really like languages. I put the books in my bag and walk downstairs. I remember mom is gone for the week and I grab breakfast. I plop down on the couch 10 minutes later. I still have 20 before I have to get to school. I pick my phone from the counter and see I have a text from Liam.

(A/N: Liam's texts are cursive and Lilly's text are bald)

Hey, I hope you don't mind I put you in your bed last night. I thought it would be more comfy than the couch :P

No, I don't mind. Not at all actually :) Why didn't you stay?

I know I'm flirting with him. I still don't know my own feelings but a little flirting won't matter, right?

You wanted me to stay? I can come over tonight again? Maybe I will stay then?

He asks. I think he thinks I'm serious. But I can't see his face or hear his voice with his text.

Yeah, why not? IF you bring your own sleeping bag and stuff, cause you can't sleep in my bed :)

Okay, I'll text you this afternoon.

I look at the time again. I have to go. This were the fastest 20 minutes of my life. How does the time pass so quickly when I'm having contact with Liam? I quickly walk to the hall and put on my thin leather jacket, since it can be pretty cold in the morning. I grab my bag and walk out of the house to pick up my friends and to get to school.

~~~~~Skip School~~~~~

Today went by pretty quick.

"Girls, why don't we all hang out?" Joy suggests.

"No, sorry. I'm alone at home, mom's on a trip. I have to do things at home." I say.

"What? Yesterday you couldn't hang out either!" Michelle exclaims.

"I'm really sorry. I wanted to do this yesterday, but the test was a lot of work." I apologise.

"Okay, but tomorrow you don't have anything to do and you hang out with us." Sandra demands.

Leah is quiet, very quiet, almost too quiet.

"Okay, tomorrow I hang out with you guys. I promise." I tell them.

"See ya tomorrah gurl!" Joy fakes a Bradford accent.

"See you tomorrow!" I say and then I walk back home.

On my way home I listen to some music from 5 Seconds Of Summer and Olly Murs. I open the door and drop my bag and jacket on the floor, I decide to get into something more comfy and walk into my room. I decide on some blue shorts and a white, flowy tank top. I comb my hair and put it up into a messy bun. I walk back downstairs and look for some games I can play with Liam tonight. I also grab some crisps and drinks. Then I hear the familiar tune from my phone, signalling I get a call. I look at the caller ID: Liam.

"Hey, Liam." I say into the phone.

"Hey Lil, I'm coming over to your house now." Liam tells me.

"Sure. How long does it take?" I ask, indicating how much tie I have left to clean the place up a little.

"I don't know, maybe 20 minutes? I'll get us some dinner on the way." He says.

"Nice, what is our dinner?" I ask.

"Uhh, I was thinking some, uhh... It's a surprise." He stutters.

"You don't know yet, do you?" I tease.

"See you in 20!" He quickly ends the call.

"Nope, he doesn't know it yet." I mumble to myself, smiling broad.

I clean up a little and then I put on the telly, casually looking through the channels. My search gets interrupted by the ring of the doorbell. I open the door and expect to see Liam. But I don't. I see a blonde haired boy. THE blonde haired boy: Niall Horan.

"Hello, Lilly." He says with a smile on his face.

"Hello." I say a little awkward.

"Didn't Liam text you?" He asks.

"No?" I say.

"Look at your phone." He tells me.

"Yeah, come in." I say quickly.

I walk into the living room and Niall follows. I grab my phone and see that I have new message. It's from Liam.

Hey, Lilly. Niall wanted to come too. He wants to get to know you. He'll be there before me. I think he knows I have a crush on you... Sorry. I'll make him promise he won't tell anyone else. 

I read the text and then look up at Niall.

"This explains a lot." I laugh.

"Yeah, already thought that." He answers.

"So, I heard from a little birdie that you and Liam have a date this Friday." Niall says.

I blush a deep shade of red.

"So it's true." He smirks.

I blush only deeper, which makes Niall laugh. His laugh is pretty cute. The sound of his laugh fades and he stares at me. His ocean blue eyes pierce into my green ones. Then our eye contact gets interrupted by the doorbell. I quickly walk to the door and open it. This time it's Liam.

"Hey, I got food. Is Niall here already?" He asks as soon as he sees me.

"It got time. Yes, Niall is here already." I joke.

I step aside and Liam walks in. I close the door behind him and he pulls off his coat. I pick up the bag with food and bring it to the kitchen. I grab three plates and put them on the counter. I get the food from the bag and see that it's chinese.

"Liam?" I say a little louder then normal.

Liam walks into the kitchen.


"You brought chinese." I say.

"I know. I was there myself." He jokes.

"Have I told you that I love chinese?" I ask.

"No, I brought it because I also love chinese." He tells me.

"That's one more thing we have in common." I smile.

"Hey, lovebirds! When am I going to get my food?" Niall yells from the living room.

Liam and I both blush. I quickly put the food on the plates.

"Can you take two to the living room? I'll grab some forks and knives and I'll follow." I say.

Liam nods and walks to Niall. I grab the forks and knives from the drawer and walk over to the boys. Niall is on one side of the couch and Liam is on the other.

"Are you seriously going to put me in the middle?" I ask.

"Yup." Niall says.

Liam just smiles. I walk over to them and give each of them a fork and a knive. Then I plop down in between them.

"Do you mind if I put on the telly? There is a soccer match I don't want to miss." Niall asks, his blue eyes looking into mine.

"Sure." I reply.

Niall picks up the remote from the table and flips through the channels untill he finds the right one.

"Aww, it already started." He pouts.

"Niall, please, if you want to watch this soccer match, either watch it at home or watch a summary of it." Liam tells him.

Niall looks at him.

"Fine, just let me finish this delicious chinese food." He huffs.

"You're welcome for bringing it." Liam replies.

Niall finishes his food very quick.

"How can you eat this so fast?" I ask when Liam and Niall both finish their plates.

"How can you eat this so slow?" Niall shoots back.

"Ha ha. Very funny blondie. I can't help it, I just have a small mouth." I say.

Niall laughs his familiar laugh and Liam chuckles.

"I'll go home. I'll leave you two lovebirds to yourselves." Niall says.

He walks to the hall and I stand up to walk over there too.

"May I have your phone for a few seconds?" He asks.

"Why?" I ask back.

"Just to text a friend I'm coming over. I forgot my phone." He says.

I nod and give him my phone. He types in a few things and then gives it back.

"Thank you."


He opens his arms and I look at him questioningly.

"Can't I have a goodbye hug?" He pouts.

I laugh and give him a hug. Niall hugs amazing by the way. He dares to do more then Liam has untill now. Liam hasn't hugged me.

"Bye, see you." Niall says and he walks to the door.

"Bye, Niall." I say and Niall leaves.

I walk back into the living room and Liam and I watch movies for the rest of the evening. He leaves around 11 and when he has left, I go straight to bed. Before I fall asleep I think about the great evening with Niall and Liam.

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