My P.E. Teacher

High school. I hate it. Not because I'm bullied or anything. It's just the fact that it's school. But after the holiday we get a new teacher...


4. Chapter 4.



I arrive at my front door and grab my keys. I put the key in the keyhole and open the door.

"Hey! I'm home!" I shout.

"Hello, hun. Your friends are here. You weren't home yet so I let them wait for you in your room." My mother says.

I roll my eyes and kiss my mother on her cheek.

"Thank you." I say and walk upstairs.

I open the door of my room and see four girls spreaded over it.

"Hello." I say.

"Hello, there." Leah says.

"How long have you been waiting here?" I ask.

"Actually we had nothing to do after you went into the cafe so we went here and asked your mum if we could wait here for you." Joy explains.

"And you made a total mess of my room so I could clean it up." I state.

"Yeah, sorry for that." Sandra says, totally not meaning it.

"Sorry not sorry." Michelle joins the conversation.

"But, now we're here, why don't you tell us what happened between you and Mr. Payne in that cafe?" Leah asks.

I take a deep breath and tell them what happened.

"So, you said you had to tell us?" Joy asks.

"Seriously, that's what you remembered?" I say.

"Of course she has to tell us!" Leah says as if it is obvious.

"And, he asked you on a date? But what about school? And, what if anyone sees you two?" Michelle asks.

"Yeah, haven't thought about that..." I say, overthinking what she said.

"The struggles!" Sandra says.

The door opens and we all turn shocked, only to see my mum standing in the opening.

"It's just me, don't worry. Listen, I'm going to have dinner with a friend. Why don't your friends stay over for dinner? I left money on the kitchen counter. Order something." Mum says.

I look back at my friends and they smile.

"Can they sleep over too?" I ask.

"If their parents agree." Mum answers.

"Thanks, have fun!" I tell her.

She thanks me, says bye and then leaves.

"So, do you guys want to sleep over?" I ask them, just to be sure.

"Sure, I'll call my mum and then pick up some stuff." Leahs says.

The other girls do the same, leaving me alone for a minute. My thoughts slip to Liam. Michelle was right, we can't be seen in public like that. If we want to date, we have to do that in places nobody who knows us, can see us. I decide to text him. I want to know if he already thought about this.

To: Liam

Hey Liam! I was wondering if you thought about the fact that it would look really strange if we are seen together outside school. Not that I don't want to go on a date with you. I really want to but it would just look weird...

I typed the text and suddenly a wave of doubt washes over me. Should I send it now or should I wait untill he texted me? I don't know. I sigh and let myself fall onto my bed. It doesn't take long before my four friends walk into the room again.

"Hey Lil, we're allowed to sleep over! We're just going home for a... What are you doing?" Joy says.

I lay on my stomach with a bunch of pillows over my head. I don't want to hear it right now. The pillows get pulled away and I look at 4 very confused faces. At that moment I start to cry.

"Lilly, what's wrong?" Leah asks concerned.

She sits down beside me and rubs my back.

"You know you can tell us anything, right?" Sandra says.

I nod and try to speak up. I manage to get two words out before I burst out in another wave of sobs. Leah just rubs my back.

"You wanna tell all of us, or just one of us?" Leah whispers in my ear.

I point at her and she immediately stands up to usher the other three out of the room.

"Wait a sec, do you still want us to sleep over?" Michelle asks.

I nod.

"Then we're going to get our stuff, so you have some privacy." Michelle tells us and she takes Sandra and Joy with her.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" Leah asks once I'm calmed down a bit.

I nod.

"I thought about what Michelle said, you know, what if anyone sees me and Liam together, and I wanted to text him. I typed the message," I showed her my phone, "and when I wanted to send it, I thought: should I send it now, or should I wait untill he texted me? And what if this doesn't work after all? Then I still have him as my teacher, that would be super awkward."

"No, Lilly, no! I see the way Liam looks at you. In the club he looked like you were beautiful and I think he fell in love with you right then. Plus, I saw the way you looked at him in that cafe. The way you look when you think about him. If you two don't work out, I don't know who else would work out with you." Leah says.

"Thanks. But should I send the text or not?" I say.

"I think you should, because then you will know what he has in mind about you two." She tells me.

I hug her and grab my phone. I unlock it and the text pops up. I read it once more and send it.

"Are the others back already?" I ask Leah.

"I don't know. But what I do know is that I want pizza for dinner." She smiles.

I laugh and we walk downstairs and to the living room. I see one black haired, one brunette and one blonde sit on the couch.

"Finally, we have our stuff for the sleep over, we'll just put it in your room." Joy says.

"Thanks for giving my some time to tell Leah, it means a lot." I say to them.

"No problem, but, you're gonna tell us too, right?" Sandra says.

I tell them the story and also what Leah said to me.

"Leah is damn right!" Michelle says.

I laugh.

"So, are you up for pizza as a dinner?" I ask them.

"Hell yeah!" Joy and Michelle say in unision.

"Okay, I'll go and get my stuff too and maybe you can order some pizza?" Leah suggests.

"Yup." I say.

Leah gives me a hug and then she leaves to get her stuff too.

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