My P.E. Teacher

High school. I hate it. Not because I'm bullied or anything. It's just the fact that it's school. But after the holiday we get a new teacher...


3. Chapter 3.



Leah and I kick the ball in between us and manage to get past the other team. We're past the last player and Leah kicks the ball over to me. I run for it and hit it. The ball flies to the upper corner of the goal. It hits the net. I stick my hands up in the air and cheer. Leah runs over to me and hugs me. I hug her back and soon I'm the middle of a group hug with my team. We all jump and cheer. Mr. Payne blows his whistle, signalling that the game is over. He walks over to us.

"Nice shot, Lilly." He compliments me.

"Thanks. I try." I say back.

The girls next to my start to laugh. I look at them confused. I'll have to make them tell me later.

"You can get to you next class now." Mr. Payne says and the class runs off.

When I'm about to leave he stops me.

"Lilly, please wait a second." He says.

I turn around again.

"That was a really good match of soccer. But, I'd like to talk to you for a second." He tells me.

"Well, actually I have a class to go to." I say, trying to get away.

"Oh, right. It won't take long." He pleads.

"I'm sorry, not right now." I excuse myself.

I'm about to walk away again, but he stops me again.

"How about after school then?" He looks questionally.

"Okay, where?" I sigh

"How about the cafe down the street?" He asks.

"I suppose it's not about school stuff then?" I say with a grin on my face.

"No, it isn't. Do I see you there?" He looks pleading.

"Sure." I smile.

He smiles back at me. I turn  back around and quickly run to the changing room. When I enter the room I see my four best friends waiting for me.

"Why did it take so long?" Leah asks.

"He wants to talk to me after school. In the cafe down the street. It isn't about school." I say in a panicked tone.

"That means he still remembers you!" Joy says with a grin on her face.

"Yes, but I don't know if I really want to have that talk.." I say.

I quickly change back into my normal clothes and we walk out. We have a free period now.

"Where are we going to spend our free period?" Sandra asks.

"How about we get some ice cream?" I suggest.

"I'm in!" Michelle says and Joy cheers.

"Let's go then." Leah says.

We put our bags in our lockers and walk to the ice cream shop. It's like a 5 minute walk so we have plenty of time to sit and eat.



Way too soon the day went by. We're currently in our last class: Music. Yes, we follow music class. I love to sing. I don't perform and actually not many people know that I can sing. Well, actually just my friends, music class and parents.

Ding dong ding dong

The last bell of the day. We're free.

"Can't you guys go to that cafe and say I caught a flu or something?" I whine.

I really don't want to go.

"Nope, you're going. And that's final." Joy says.

"No need to get angry, MOM." I say.

"Please, don't waste more time and go already. We'll walk with you if you like." Sandra says.

"Yes, please walk with me." I say.

We walk out of school and down the street. We are in front of the cafe way too soon.

"Have fun." Leah tells me.

"Ohh, please." I sigh.

They all give me a hug and push me towards the door. I take one last deep breath and push the door open. I enter and look around. I spot him in the corner of the little cafe. I walk over.

"Hi." I greet him.

He looks up from his phone and smiles.

"Hello, please sit down." He tells me.

I sit down and put my bag next to it on the floor. Mr. Payne puts his phone away.

"You wanted to talk to me?" I question.

"Yes." He nods.

"What about?"

"About you and me." He says.


"Well, I loved it yesterday night in the club. I think you are an amazing girl. But when I saw you this morning in class, I felt a little awkward." He starts.

"I loved it last night too. And I still think you're cute." I blurt.

Liam looks at me confused.

"You think I'm cute?"

I blush and nod.

"Actually I want to ask you something. It will be difficult, but I was wondering if you want to go on a date with me?" He questions.

I blush even harder.

"I'd love to, but you're my teacher now." I argue.

"I know that, but I want to try it at least. Plus, who says anyone has to know?" He says.

"To start, I have four best friends and I'm an open book to them. I can't hide it from them." I tell him.

"Would you like something to drink?" A female voice asks.

I look up and see a waitress. I take a breath of relief, because I was pretty much shocked. Then I look at Liam.

"I'd like some coffee, please." He says and then he looks at me.

"I'd like some tea, please." I say.

She nods and writes it down on her little notebook.

"Anything else?" She asks.

We both shake our heads. She nods again and then she walk away.

"Anyways, I can't hide anything from my friends. And I don't want to hide anything from them." I continue.

Liam nods in understanding.

"Yeah, that's true. But why can't you just tell them?" He suggests.

"Okay. That's possible." I sigh/

"So, do you want to go on a date with me?" He asks again.

"I'd love to." I smile.

He smiles too and crinckles appear at the corner of his eyes. It's so cute.

"I suppose I have to call you by your name then?" I joke.

He nods. I smile at him again.

"Why don't you give me your number?" He asks.

I grab my phone from my pocket and unlock it. I go to my contacts and hand it to Liam. He puts his phone number in and hands it back to me.

"I texted myself so I have yours too." He says.

"Okay, well, I have to go now. See you later?" I say.

He stands up and hugs me. I hug him back.

"You know you're still my teacher right? I think this looks a little weird." I whisper in his ear.

Liam quickly pulls away and blushes.

"I'm sorry." He quickly says.

"I don't mind, but I think other's could get suspicious." I say.

"Bye." I say.

Liam waves and I walk out of the little cafe.

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