My P.E. Teacher

High school. I hate it. Not because I'm bullied or anything. It's just the fact that it's school. But after the holiday we get a new teacher...


2. Chapter 2.



Beep beep beep beep

Ugh, stupid alarmclock. I hate it. I hit the alarm clock and it shuts up. Finally. I groan and sit up. I rub my eyes. Today's school again. I go to my bathroom and take a shower. I can't help but think of last night. Liam. Why am I thinking of him? Because he is hot. I dry myself and put on some comfy but cool clothes: black skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I grab my bag and go downstairs to eat some breakfast. In the meantime I haven't stopped thinking about Liam.

"Hi honey. Have fun at school." My mom comes downstairs when I'm about to leave.

"You have a fun day too mom. I'll be back by dinner." I tell her while kissing her cheek.

"Bye. Love you." She says.

"Bye mom." I answer and close the door behind me.

I walk to school and pick up my friends on my way since I have to walk longest to school. We crack up from laughter when we arrive at school. We walk in and I go to my locker. I put some of my books in and meet the others again.

"What is our first class again?" I ask.

"English." Leah replies.

"Ahh, no." Michelle and Joy groan.

"C'mon. We've got P.E. after that. I heard we get a new teacher." Sandra says.

"Oooohh, I feel excitement." I tease Sandra.

Michelle and Joy start to laugh and Sandra blushes like crazy. Right then the bell goes, signing for us that we have to get to class. We enter the room.

"Hi, girls, had a nice holiday?" The teacher, Mr. Clarck, asks.

"Yes, it was great. How was yours?" Joy replies.

He's definitely our favourite teacher of all time. He's so nice to us. Not in a pedophile way, but just nice.

"Mine was awesome!" He says.

We all chuckle and take our seats.

"Okay class. Today I want you to write a little story about your holidays. You have this hour for it. It doesn't matter if you don't get to finish it, but I'd love to read them." Mr. Clarck says.

Leah, Michelle, Sandra, Joy and I look at each other and smile.

"Let's do it together." I say.

"Yeah, let's do it. I'll make some drawings with it." Michelle says.

"We all know that that won't work out that well." Leah chuckles.

"Yeah, but it is the idea that matters." Michelle defends her drawing skills.

"Let's get this going." Sandry says.

Soon the bell rings again. We quickly bundle our work and give it to Mr. Clarck.

"Thank you girls." He smiles.

"Bye!" We yell together and walk out.

"P.E!!" Joy yells.

"Ooohhh, someone else is excited!" I tease Joy now.

"No, I'm not." Joy says.

Michelle and Leah burst out in laughter again. We walk to the changing rooms and change into our sporting clothes. It's summer, so we sport on the field outside. We walk outside and fool around a little bit.

"Please come around!" I hear a guy's voice shout.

I turn around to walk over but then I see the guy and immediately recognise him. It's Liam. The guy from the club last night.

"Earth to Lilly." I snap out of my thoughts by a hand waving in front of my face.

"You know it's rude to stare, right?" Michelle says.

"Yes, Michelle, I know. Haven't you seen who our new teacher is?" I snap.

"No need to get snappy at us girl. And yes, we've seen who he is: really hot and not too old." Joy says.

"No, it's the guy from the club last night. It's Liam." I tell them.

"Ohh, I remember now. You pointed at him and then I pushed you towards him." Leah says.

"Girls, are you coming?" Liam shouts.

We walk over and join the others.

"So, I'm going through the list of names. If you hear your name, I'd like you to raise your hand or say something. I'll try to remember your names as soon as possible." The new teacher says.

He goes through the list.

"Lilly Turner."

"Over here." I say a little hesitant.

Liam looks up and locks eyes with me. I know he recognises me.

"Right. Uhh... Leah Thompson?" He continues stuttering and blushing.

Then he's finished.

"Okay, I'll tell you a bit about me. I'm Liam Payne. I'm 21 years old. I'm from Wolverhampton and now I'm here to teach you. I love to sing and I work out a little too. That's about it." He says.

He looks at me.

"I'd like to play some soccer with you. You guys make two fair teams." He tells us. 

The group splits up, but me and Liam stay in eye contact.

"Lilly! Get your fat ass over here!" Sandra yells.

I break eye contact with Liam and jog over. The teams are soon formed. Leah, Sandra, Michelle, Joy and me are in the same team. I love it, because we always play soccer together.

"Let's bring it on!" I yell.

"Yeah, let's do it!" Joy shouts.

"Allright. Don't get too rough. Lilly's team starts. On my whistle." Liam says.

He whistles and the game starts.

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