My P.E. Teacher

High school. I hate it. Not because I'm bullied or anything. It's just the fact that it's school. But after the holiday we get a new teacher...


10. Chapter 10.



The first thing I think of when I wake up is Liam's chocolate brown eyes.

"Hello, sleeping beauty." I hear a very familiar male voice say.

I groan and turn around, imagining that the voice is just playing with me in my head.

"Princess, I made you breakfast." The voice says.

I groan once more and cuddle into my blankets. I hear a sigh and then it's quiet for a while. Just when I'm about to fall asleep again, my blankets are ripped off my body, causing a freezing wave of cold air to wash over me.

"Mmph. Gimme me blankets." I mumble like a 3 year old child.

"No." I can almost hear the smirk.

I finally open my eyes and see Liam there, my blankets in his hands. He looks good in his jeans and T-Shirt. His hair is growing slightly too long, but it looks like he did it like this on purpose.

"But Lee, I'm cold. You don't want me to get sick before our date tomorrow, right?" I pout.

Liam chuckles and shakes his head.

"No, I don't want you to get sick, but you have to get out now. I made you breakfast and I don't want it to get cold." He says.

"So get your lazy ass off that bed." He finishes before picking me up bridal style.

I squirm in his arms, trying to get away.

I like to wake up this way. I could do this every morning. Laying there in his muscled arms.

"What are you saying, love?" Liam asks.

"Nothing," I blush, "Just wondering how you got in here."

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." He says.

"I'll find out for sure." I look up at him with an evil grin.

"No, you don't." He grins back at me.

We arrive in the kitchen and Liam puts me down.

"You made eggs and bacon? How did you find it?" I ask.

"Just looking through the fridge." He says.

I start eating.

"Liam, can you come here tomorrow again? And Saturday? And Sunday? I want you to come here every day to make me breakfast." I joke.

"Sure, I'd love to." He smiles at me.

I eat the rest of the delicious food on my plate and then I look at Liam again. He stares at me with a goofy smile on his face.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing, just watching you being beautiful." He says.

I blush and quickly walk upstairs.

"I'm going to change!" I shout.

I change into some black skinny jeans and a white flowy tank top. I put on some mascara and brush my hair before pulling it up into a messy bun. I go down the stairs and when i walk into the living room I hear Liam whisper something.

"What are you saying?" I ask.

"Nothing." He looks away blushing.

"Okay." I say.

I grab my phone and see that I missed 4 texts: one from an unknown number and three from Leah. I unlock my phone and on the messages.

From: Unknown number

Hello, Lilly. I texted myself instead of a friend. But technically you're a friend, so... See ya later. -Niall

I smile at the text and add Niall to my contacts. Then I read the text from Leah.

From: Leah

Lil, I need you.

I look at the time she sent it and it reads 22:12 last night. What? I quickly look at the second text.

From: Leah

Please Lilly, call me! I need to tell you something!

Now I'm getting really worried.

From: Leah

Never mind. I've got some friends who do call me when I need them.

On, no. I hope I didn't ruin it with her. I should check my phone more often. I go to my contacts and press Leah's name and dial her number. It rings one, two, three, four, five times. Then Leah finally picks up.

"Leah, sorry that I didn't call you last night. My phone was on silent mode and I was kind of busy so I didn't check my phone. I'm so so sorry." I say.

"Lilly, it doesn't matter anymore. Please leave me alone. I'm not going to school today, so you don't have to come past my house." Leah says.

Her voice sounds like she's feeling pretty bad.

"Leah, please. You can tell me what happened." I plead.

"No, Lilly, it's too late. I don't want to talk about it. Just leave me alone. Get back to Liam." She says and then the line goes dead.

"Is something wrong?" Liam asks with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah, Leah texted me last night after Niall left and it said she needed to talk to me. Later I got a text like 'never mind. I've got friends who do call me when I need them', but when I just called her she said that it doesn't matter anymore and that it's too late. And she said that she stays at home today." I say, my face falling.

"Wow, that all of this can happen in one night." Liam breathes out.

"I don't know what to do." I say plopping down on the couch.

"Maybe we have to go to school first. It starts in 10 minutes." Liam says.

"Shit! I never make it if I walk!"

"I can take you with me. I'm by car." Liam offers.

"But then people will search things behind us being together."

"I'll stop a little earlier so it looks like you're just walking?"

"Okay. Let's go then." I say while grabbing my bag.

Liam takes his keys and walks to the door. He unlocks the car and we both step in. Liam drives us to school. He stops two streets before the school, so I can get out.

"Thanks, Liam." I say.

"No problem. See you tonight for our date!" He says.

I shut the door and Liam drives to school. In the time I walk the last two streets to school I think about the date tonight. But mostly, I think about Leah and how she sounded, what might have happened and if I should stop by her house to check up on her, and if I should go on the date tonight. In the middle of my train with thoughts, I get interrupted by Joy.

"Lilly Turner! Get your ass over here right now!" It sounds like Joy is angry, which is never good.

I walk over to Joy, Michelle and Sandra.

"Joy, what's up?" I ask.

"What's up? What's up? You best friend is at home, probably crying her eyes out of her head and you ask what's up? Why didn't you pick up your phone last night? Why didn't you pick up your god damn phone when your best fucking friend needed you?" Joy shouts.

"Calm down Joy. All this shouting doesn't help her answer more." Michelle tries to calm Joy.

"No! I don't calm down!" Joy shouts again.

"Joy, I had my phone on silent mode, I was busy last night and I didn't check my phone. I saw her texts this morning and called her immediately, but she said it was too late and that it didn't matter anymore." I tell her in my calmest voice.

"And why do you think she doesn't want to tell you anything?!" Joy asks, still shouting.

"Jeez, Joy lower your voice please. Not the whole school has to know about our trouble." I tell her.

"Not untill you answer me." Joy says.

"Because I didn't pick up my phone when she needed me." I answer her like it's the most logic thing.

"No. That's not why she's so mad." Sandra answers for Joy.

"Why else could she be so mad?" I ask, getting annoyed with them.

"Maybe it is because you lie to her? To us? Maybe because you go home saying you have things to do and when she comes there she sees a BOY stepping out of his car and you letting him in? Or actually, TWO boys?" Joy shouts again.

"Pfft, please. I didn't know they'd drop by! I'm done with this." I say and walk away.

"Yes, walk away! Do what you can't let go!" Joy shouts after me.

I give her the middle finger and turn around again.

I ignore Joy, Michelle and Sandra for the rest of the day. At the end of the day I text Liam.

Hey Liam, I've had a fight with my friends this morning. It's a little complicated with Leah and stuff. Just letting you know that you can't come over. Sorry.

I click on the Spotify icon and plug my earbuds in. I listen to some 5 Seconds Of Summer music on my way, repeatedly checking my phone on a text.

It doesn't matter, you have to solve some problems. Go to Leah and figure things out. I'll have your full attention tomorrow night. Dress warm ;)

I reply with an 'okay' and walk the remainder of my way home. When I get home I drop my bag on the floor, grab a drink and then I head to Leah's place. I ring the doorbell and her mom opens the door.

"Oh, hello Lilly. Nice to see you again." She greets me with a warm smile.

"Hello mrs. Thompson." I greet her back.

"Oh, dear, please call me Nancy. I like that much better." She says.

"Okay, Nancy, can I see Leah?" I ask.

"Sure. She's upstairs. She doesn't feel very well." Nancy replies.

"Thank you." I smile at her and then I go upstairs and to her room.

I walk to her room and knock on the door.

"Who's there?" Leah asks.

"It's me, Lilly. Can I come in?" I ask.

"Go away." She sounds mad now.

"No. I won't go away until you tell me what's wrong." I say, being my stubborn self.

"Uhh, fine." She mumbles.

I open her door and I'm shocked by the sight of Leah. She has bags under her eyes, which are red like she's been crying for hours.

"Leah, please tell me what happened. I'm really very very very sorry that I didn't call you last night when you needed me." I tell her.

"Lilly, do you want me to tell you or not?" She sighs.

"Sorry." I say and quickly shut my mouth.

"Thank you. Let's start with the fact that you said yesterday after school that you had a lot of stuff to do at home. I went home after you left, but when I was home I thought 'Let's help Lilly out' so I went over to your place. When I came around the corner, I saw one strange car in front of your house and a second one pulled up. Liam stepped out of that one with a bag of food. I hated you at that second. You fucking lied to me Lilly!" She shouts the last part, tears rolling out of her eyes again.

"Leah, I didn't know he would come over. You know, Liam planned this with Niall. I was home for about an hour or something when the doorbell went..." I try to apologise.

"I wasn't finished yet." Leah interrupts.

"Yeah, go on." I say.

"Liam went in with that bag of food and you were way too happy to see him. I still stood there for I don't know how long, but suddenly Niall came walking out of your house, smiling from ear to ear. You HUGGED him Lilly! You don't do those things with people you don't know that well!" She shouts again.

"Is everything allright there girls?" Nancy shouts from downstairs.

"Yeah!" I quickly answer.

Then I focus back on Leah. The tears stream out of her eyes and she sobs into her pillow.

"Leah, I didn't know he came eather. Niall and Liam planned this out. I didn't know anything about it! I swear!" I apologise.

"Please leave. I need some time alone right now." Leah muffles through the pillow.

I stand up and walk to her door. I quietly close the door and walk downstairs.

"Thank you for letting me in." I thank her mom.

Then I get out of the house and walk back to mine, crying on my way. Why do I have to mess everything up? Why did I have to meet Liam? Why does Niall have to be friends with Liam? Why is Leah so upset about the fact that Niall and Liam came over? Because I lied? Can't be possible. There have been more times a boy came over to my house without me knowing and she didn't get upset about that either. Or at least not this upset. There must be something else happening. Even Joy is mad at me right now because of this. Why? Why me? I get to my place and walk straight up to my room. I don't bother to change, crawl into my bed and try to get some sleep.

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