Christmas with 5sos

A perfect Christmas day with the boys of 5sos.


1. The Perfect Christmas with 5sos

Ella's P.O.V.

I woke up to the beautiful sun shining through my window. Luke was laying next to me on the couch. I kissed him on his nose and he woke up. He was so cute when he was sleeping. Michael, Ashton, Calum, Emily, Ashley, and Sarah all came down screaming,"It's Christmas!!!" "Guys Luke was trying to sleep,"I said putting my head on his shoulder. "Whatever let's open our presents,"Michael said. I got up and started making some hot chocolate. Luke groaned, not wanting me to leave him. I sat back down and he was happy again. Ashton was ripping all of the wrapping paper off of those poor presents. When he opened one from Sarah, there some car keys in the box. He raised an eyebrow and Sarah explained that all of us chipped in to buy him a new car. Ashley got Michael a cute guitar pick with a picture of them on it. I wish I though of that. Emily got Calum a funny shirt that said on it,"I'm not Asian!!" I got Luke a stuffed penguin,(another one to add to his collection) a penguin necklace and a picture of us on top of the ferris wheel where we filmed their first music video. He basically jumped on me, yelling countless thank-yous. Ashley got a shirt that said Clifford on the back. Aww how sweet. Emily got a cute ring with heart on it from Cal. Sarah got her favorite movie, Divergent, from Ashton. When I opened my present I got a guitar pick, sheet music, and a locket with a picture of Luke and I in it. Luke then told me to go upstairs for my last present. I went into my room with like blindfolded and he turned the lights on and uncovered my eyes and I saw the most beautiful guitar sitting on my bed. It was signed by all of my friends. I jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately. "Thank you,"I said smiling. "Anything for you,"he said, returning my smile. I looked into his beautiful baby blue eyes and said,"Will you teach me how to play it?" "Of curse I will,"he said while walking downstairs. The rest of the day, Luke taught me how to play he guitar, we all watched some Christmas movies, and we went around caroling in our neighborhood. That was the most amazing Christmas day in my life. -

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