When Mikayla moved from Queensland to the West of Sydney to be with her brother and band she falls for the bassist Calum Hood who takes her to places u could never imagine and all with the help of the boys in the band and Mikayla's best friends Tiana, Emma and Kalani but will luv end up hurting the band, Mikayla and her friends. find out in SHE'S SO PERFECT


1. moving in

Mikayla P.O.V

got off the plane when I heard someone yelling for me.

"Mikayla" it sounded like a guy yelling for me so I just kept walking when all of a sudden I felt a warm hand grasp my back I turned around and saw

"ASH" I yelled excitably as I jumped on him hugging him tighty"

"How have u been Miki" he said to me gasping for air as I was still tightly hugging him.

I jumped down and told him I was good and excited to be there and to be moving in with him.uh

"We have to get going" ash seemed to be rushing me a throwing me into the black SUV.

"So ash why r u in such a rush" I asked seriously "don't worry" he said

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